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August 29

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"The dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow." -- Robert Goddard

July 2016 Fleet Awards
13-Aug-2016     Fleet News

It was a very busy month in Theta Fleet, especially in Task Force 23 where several sims were putting up some impressive numbers. One of the two sims that received a gold UoM had a post count of over 100.

The gold UoM in Area 51 also did very well. The reason is cleaer to those on the sim -- and will be to you when you see the Player of the MOnth for Area 51!

It's a great way to slide into the end of summer and the start of school -- at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Simming is going well -- even with Olympic fever! Now is a great time to check out one of our amazing sims!

Read On for this month's awards!

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Second Star
11-Jul-2016     Fleet News

The Second Star is not your typical starship. It was found in an old shipyard and is in the process of being put in working order. As a merchant ship, the crew will need to do missions and raise money to upgrade the ship. Are you looking for a challenge?? Then check out SEcond Star in Task Force 23.

June 2016 Fleet Awards
11-Jul-2016     Fleet News

It's July, and we're half-way through the year. It's hard to believe the year has passed so quickly.

July also marks five years under the current Commander and Deputy Commander of Theta Fleet. We've grown a lot in the past five years. We even have a number of players and COs who have' been around that long. They help make this a really great place to sim!

Click on Read On to see some of the great sims in the fleet (and maybe join one)!

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Happy Birthday, North America!
4-Jul-2016     Fleet News

The weekend of July 1-4 was a celebration for both Canada and the United States.

Canada became a nation on July 1, 1867.
The United States declared their independence on July 4, 1776.

For all our North American simmers, we wish you a holiday filled with family and friends. And may you never forget the men and women who sacrificed so much to give you the liberties you enjoy today.

The Scarborough is more than fair
20-Jun-2016     Fleet News

The USS Scarborough has joined the ranks of Theta Fleet ships. It's an Excalibur-class, Lakota subtype. The sim is just starting out and needs good crew. Interested? Look in the Ship Listing in Task Force 23!

May 2016 Fleet Awards
14-Jun-2016     Fleet News

Next week we celebrate the first official day of summer in the northern hemisphere and the first day of winter in the southern. We're almost half-way through the year. (I know, I can hardly believe it, either.)

Some sims have slowed down for the summer, some are just picking up speed. Whatever your preference for this time of the year, we have a sim for you. :) Need an idea? Check out the sims that won awards this month!

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Happy Memorial Day, USA
30-May-2016     Fleet News

Monday, May 30, is Memorial Day in the US. It is a day for remembering those who fought and died to defend the freedom of America. It has expanded to also remember family and friends who have passed on.

For all those in the US, we wish you a safe and sane Memorial Day, and that you will take a moment to think about the sacrifices made so that we have the freedoms we currently hold -- lest we forget.

April 2016 Fleet Awards
11-May-2016     Fleet News

April was a very busy month for many -- including myself. April also marked the end of the school year for others across the globe. So, for a number of sims, posting levels were lower than normal. Still, there was plenty of activity for those needing a good stress reliever.

Other sims, like the ones below, did very well. Congratulations to the winners, and to all the sims in the fleet for being awesome places to write!

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Happy Mother's Day!
8-May-2016     Fleet News

Today is Mother's Day in the USA. So, to all the mothers, future mothers and those who have had mothers, we wish you a great day.

May the Fourth Be With You
4-May-2016     Fleet News

Wednesday, May 4th is Star Wars day, a day to celebrate the series and its characters. It's a day to celebrate your fandom or avoid those who do.

In Theta Fleet, we welcome our Warzie friends and hope they have a great day -- especially those who sim on Freedom's Vanguard. May the Force be with you.

March 2016 Fleet Awards
14-Apr-2016     Fleet News

It's spring in the northern hemisphere. There's more rain than snow --usually -- and the flowers are in bloom. It's a great time to go outside for a few minutes before the allergies set in and you run back inside. :)

It's also a great time to join a sim! (Yeah, you knew it was coming. lol) We have n ew sims, and old stalwarts in need of crew! Want to know a good place to start looking? Check out the awards for March and the first quarter of the year below.

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USS Redemption joins Theta Fleet
6-Apr-2016     Fleet News

The year is 2391. A Federation civil war is on the horizon. Choose your side wisely.

The USS Redemption skirts the darker side, but if you're up for the challenge, it promises to be a great adventure! Check it out in Area 51!

FNN Report on Starbase Typhon
1-Apr-2016     Fleet News

In a surprising act of derring-do, a small cache of Illudium Q-36 was stolen from a top secret facility on Tiberius VII.

The only eyewitness claims to have seen a small, dark creature with large tennis shoes, a Roman skirt, a very large plumed helmet and an even bigger gun. This creature should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

All non-essential personnel on Typhon have been evacuated while the remaining crew try to prevent an "earth-shattering kaboom."

Borg are again in the area, having heard about the new explosive. Admiral Maximilian Hunter was quoted as saying, "This explosive should never have been created. I warned them this would happen. Now, we're looking at annihilation at the hands of the Borg or the destruction of Earth by a tiny Martian."

All ships in the area have been diverted to Gomer's Gas-n-Go in the Mayberry Sector.

February 2016 Fleet Awards
9-Mar-2016     Fleet News

Welcome to March in Theta Fleet! It's almost spring in the northern hemisphere and stories are getting interesting on the sims. Must be spring fever. lol

Most of the sims did well this past month. Congratulations to all those who won awards, and to all the sims in general for making it difficult to choose. :)

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World Book Day
3-Mar-2016     Fleet News

So, if Dr. Seuss Day yesterday wasn't cool enough, today (March 3) is World Book Day!

Celebrate by reading a good book. Or a bad book. Just read a book! Here in Theta Fleet we love all kinds of books. Take the opportunity this week to read a good book. Then tell all your friends about it. :)

"Psst! Hey, buddy, wanna read a good book?" http://www.worldbookday.com/

Dr. Seuss Day
2-Mar-2016     Fleet News

We would be remiss if we did not mention that today, March 2, is Dr. Seuss Day. Dr. Seuss is probably one of the most influential authors of our time. Think of it, how many of us grew up with the Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, the Lorax, or even Horton the elephant?

And, of course, no Dr. Seuss mention would be complete without If Dr. Seuss wrote Star Trek? (Google it if you aren't familiar with it.)

Take a few minutes and reread your favorite Dr. Seuss or Theo LeSieg book just to remember how truly great he was. And why just the mention of his name makes you smile.

January 2016 Fleet Awards
16-Feb-2016     Fleet News

All the sims that won Unit of Distinction awards this month did very well indeed. I was impressed not only with the number of posts, but the quality as well. It was difficult picking a Post of the Month for that reason. This, to me, is a very good problem to have.

Other sims made a comeback this month. Another good thing. :)

If you're interested in joining a sim, have a look in the Ship Listing. Then go to the sim's site and check it out!

For this month's awards, click on Read On below.

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What Makes Theta Fleet Different?
27-Jan-2016     Fleet News

What makes Theta Fleet different from other Sim Fleets? First, Task Force 23 in our canon fleet is based on Star Trek up to but not including the 2009 movie. Its for those who love classic Trek and want to continue playing with the Romulan Star Empire and other favorite villains from the TV series and TOS/TNG movies. We acknowledge that time has passed and ships have made improvements. We do incorporate some ships from other fleets and from STO to show the improvements since the end of DS9 and the Dominion War.

We also have Area 51 for our specialty sims. There you can join a sim set in the 2009 movie era, the STO era, a dystopian future where the Federation has been practically decimated, a Starfleet Marine sim, a lost in the Delta Triangle sim, or even a non-Trek sim (Hogwarts and Stargate Faleu).

We like to keep our sims plausible within the universe in which they are set, and we like realistic characters (within their universe), but we do have fun. If you want to learn more, read our rules in the column on the left, or check out a sim and see how they play. We welcome new players and hope that you, too, can find a home in Theta Fleet.

2015 Annual Fleet Awards
10-Jan-2016     Fleet News

It is often difficult to decide who wins the end-of-year awards. To help you understand, we will explain a little of the process.

First, the monthly Unit of Distinction Awards are based on posting levels. We go by posts per player, which is the most fair way to determine the award. We also check post length and quality to ensure the award is merited. Post, Player and Writer of the month are chosen from nominations given by the COs in their monthly reports. If a CO doesn't file a report, the sim is not eligible for an award and, of course, none of the crew get recommendations.

The Quarterly awards are generally based on the monthly awards. However, we do not look at numbers alone. We look at how the CO runs his or her sim, how involved he or she is, how the crew participate in posts, etc. We look first at the monthly award winners, but if a CO or XO has done an outstanding job, they will be recognized.

The annual awards are based on the montly and quarterly awards.

A committee looks over all nominations each month and comes to a consensus. For the annual awards this year, others were brought in to help with the decision-making. We honestly strive to award those we feel most deserving. We congratulate this years' winners, and all the COs who help make Theta Fleet such a wonderful place to sim.

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December 2015 Fleet Awards
10-Jan-2016     Fleet News

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

That pretty much sums up December in Theta Fleet. Some sims did incredibly well, and the multiple ties reflect that. Some, because of the holiday season, were slow. But that is to be expected for a sim and a fleet. We all get busy from time to time with real life.

Overall, it was a good month and everyone in the fleet is to be commended for a great month!

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Another Great Year
6-Jan-2016     Fleet News

Theta Fleet began on December 10, 2009 and officially launched on January 1, 2010.

Hard to believe it's been six years. The fleet has grown a lot since then. It started with three sims, grew to eight by the official launch, and now is holding steady at 34.

I've been part of the fleet from the beginning and it's amazing to see how much it's grown. You're a great group of people. You make the fleet what it is. I am honored to sim with you.

Here's to six more years!

Twelfth Night
6-Jan-2016     Fleet News

Twelfth Night is, quite literally, the twelfth night of Christmas. While some count Christmas Day and thus celebrate Twelfth Night on the 5th of January, most start the day after and end on January 6.

Shakespeare's play "Twelfth Night or As You Will" was first performed on Twelfth Night (January 6).

So, next time you pull out your Advent Calendar, remember, Advent comes before Christmas and Epiphany or the 12 Days of Christmas come after. And you thought Christmas ended on December 25 (and Boxing Day on December 26). Now you know it goes much longer. lol

Read or watch "Twelfth Night" and enjoy the 12 drummers...

Merry Christmas from Theta Fleet!
24-Dec-2015     Fleet News

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. It's a time to celebrate the season with family and friends. For many of us it has a much deeper meaning as well. However you celebrate, we wish you merry.

As we consider everyone in Theta Fleet to be family, we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

November 2015 Fleet Awards
15-Dec-2015     Fleet News

November was an interesting month for the Fleet. It was especially difficult to determine who won what award this month (always a good thing).

Now that we are in the midst of December, I hope you are enjoying the wonderful sims Theta Fleet has to offer. If not, stop by the Ship Listing and take a look for yourself!

A special thanks to Marty for the wonderful Christmas decorations!

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Pearl Harbor Day
7-Dec-2015     Fleet News

December 7 is a "day that will live in infamy." It is the day the US remembers the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. This event brought the US into World War II and forever changed the outcome of that war.

We honor all men and women who fought in WWII. It truly was The Greatest Generation>

Happy Hanukkah
5-Dec-2015     Fleet News

Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish friends in Theta Fleet! We wish you a holiday full of light. :)

Is the Klingon Empire Preparing for War? (Shards of Palaris)
3-Dec-2015     In Character News

Employees at the Federation Klingon embassies throughout the Federation were cleaning out offices and are expected to be completely removed from Federation space by tomorrow. Klingon Ambassador Klang is also expected to leave the Federation within the same time frame. This follows the fail Federation Council removal of sitting President Nimara after the attacks ordered by her office inside the Klingon Empire. The attacks, killed Federation terrorist and former Starfleet Marine General Patrick Owens along with 80 members of the Klingon Special Operations Unit, the Order of Nu'Daq.

Read More to see what's happening over at Shards...

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Simming Community's FallFest
1-Dec-2015     Fleet News

UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM will be hosting this year's Ongoing Worlds FallFest -- the annual gathering of the simming community to share ideas, have fun, and roleplay.

This year's event will take place on Saturday, December 5th.

The full event schedule, information on how to attend the event, and a form to sign up to lead a session here on this page: http://www.starbase118.net/events/fallfest-2015/

If you have time this Saturday, stop by and participate.

Thanksgiving, USA
25-Nov-2015     Fleet News

We wish all our Theta Fleet friends and family a great holiday tomorrow. May your day be filled with food, family, and fun!

October 2015 Fleet Awards
12-Nov-2015     Fleet News

October was quite a month -- in many ways. Although I love Halloween, I am glad the month is over and we can move into the holiday season.

October picked up a lot and most of the sims look good. Congratulations!

Read More to see this month's awards.

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Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day
10-Nov-2015     Fleet News

November 11th is Veteran's Day in the USA and Remembrance Day elsewhere. It is a day to remember those who fought for freedom around the world. It began as Poppy Day during The Great War.

November 10th is the Marine Corps Birthday. So, to honor that, here are 11 things you may not have known about the Marine Corps: http://mentalfloss.com/article/13027/11-things-you-might-not-know-about-marine-corps

Take a moment to thank a soldier or a vet for their service. And to remember those who died so that we could have the freedom we appreciate today.

Bonfire Night
5-Nov-2015     Fleet News

November 5 is Guy Fawke's Day in the UK.
"Remember, remember the fifth of November."

We wish all our British players a wonderful day today!

Read more about Guy Fawkes here: http://www.history.com/news/guy-fawkes-day-a-brief-history

Canadian Thanksgiving
12-Oct-2015     Fleet News

Monday, October 12, is the day Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving.

Theta Fleet wishes all our Canadian members a safe and joyful holiday!

September 2015 Fleet Awards
10-Oct-2015     Fleet News

September was a slow month for the most part. For those who started school in August, it's the month when you have to buckle down and get serious about your studies. Because of this, a lot of sims were slow.

At the same time, there were some sims that had incredible numbers. The Ragnarok had a post count of over 300. Many other sims did well, as you can see by the awards. There would have been more, but not all the COs filed their reports. (A requirement to get a Unit of Distinction Award.)

The nominations for writer, player, and post of the month were also impressive. The IKC VaQbach does an impressive job of showing Klingon attitudes. Other sims had some very nice posts. Shards of Palaris decided to stir things up by assassinating the Vice President of the Federation.

Although there is generally only one winner, those who came in second and third were worthy of nomination as well. Good job, everyone!

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Banned Books 2015
27-Sep-2015     Fleet News

This week is Banned Books Week. It's a week devoted to bringing attention to how many books are banned or challenged for a variety of reasons. Books like Harry Potter, To Kill a Mockinbird, and even the Bible haev been challenged by one group of another.

Star Trek has had its share of controversy due to the social commentary in many of their episodes. We all remember fondly the first interracial kiss on television between Kirk and Uhura, to name just one.

Take time this week to go to your local library or bookstore. Buy a banned or challenged book, and read it. http://www.bannedbooksweek.org/

August 2015 Fleet Awards
19-Sep-2015     Fleet News

It took longer than usual to get the awards out because the TFCOs have been extremely busy, but they're finally here! Was it worth the wait? Well, you can be the judge of that.

I will say it was a tough decision. There were some excellent nominations by the COs this month. Picking just one winner was difficult.

The fleet as a whole is doing well and we're getting some excellent new players. I look forward to wonderful new stories to come!

Read On...   (840)

September 19!
19-Sep-2015     Fleet News

Arr, Mateys! Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day! So buckle your swashes, shiver your timbers and sing a sea shanty. And most of all, talk like a pirate or you'll walk the plank!

BREAKING NEWS: UFP Vice President Assassinated During Live Broadcast!
8-Sep-2015     In Character News

Disclaimer: The following news article does not reflect nor affect Theta Fleet Canon and only affects the Shards of Palaris.

Breaking news from Starfleet Command: Vice President Rita Valar has been assassinated. We repeat, the Vice President of the United Federation of Planets has been assassinated.

Details are sparse but what we do know based on the live broadcast is that Marine General Owen brutally stabbed the Vice President during his formal promotion proclaiming, "This...is for the Federation...Mr. Vice President."

FNN will continue to report details as they become available. For the most recent information, you can visit Shards of Palaris.

This is FNN Correspondent Jessica Winters reporting live.

Holding Steady at 49!
8-Sep-2015     Fleet News

Today (September 8, 2014) marks 49 years since the premiere of Star Trek. Who would have seen how a "Wagon Train to the Stars" would change the world?

Space exploration, technology, science fiction, and even conventions were forever changed because of this series. And now, five TV series and twelve movies later, the original series is as popular as ever.

Click here to read athe Wikipedia article.

Strong Roots
1-Sep-2015     Fleet News

In July I passed my four year mark as Commander of Theta Fleet. I've been part of Theta Fleet from the beginning, as I was on both of the ships that left OF. In January, I became Deputy Commander.

In that time, I don't think I've publicly thanked Jordan for having the courage to start a new fleet and the vision to make it a place where having fun writing was the primary focus.

What Theta Fleet is now and what it may grow into is firmly rooted in the Fleet Jordan envisioned. He laid the foundation and allowed me and the COs to build the fleet into the family it has become.

Even though he was gone for most of that first year and a half with military responsibilities, his vision held strong. Thank you, Jordan.

Admiral Kathryn Burke
Commander, Theta Fleet

Theta Fleet is the proud home of 272 characters serving on 36 ships.
Theta Fleet is a collection of roleplaying games (SIMS) that work together to write stories in the Star Trek universe
August 29, 2016



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