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"War must be, while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour all; but I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend." -- J.R.R. Tolkien

Our Sincerest Condolences
31-Jan-2015     Fleet News

It is with deepest regret that we announce that Kayley, who played Lieutenant Relena Zala on the USS Missouri, passed away today, along with her eight-year-old daughter, Serenity, as a result of a traffic accident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. She will be greatly missed.

Martin Luther King Jr.
19-Jan-2015     Fleet News

Monday, January 19th, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US. It is a day to celebrate one of the most influential men in US history. A man who chose to use peaceful protests and love to gain his objectives. Something Starfleet tries to follow.

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
-- Martin Luther King, Jr.

December 2014 TF Awards
11-Jan-2015     Fleet News

December was an amazing month for a number of reasons. First, it was Christmas, and I love Christmas. (As the decorations around the IFS clearly indicated. lol) There are a number of other celebrations throughout the month. Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, etc.

It was also a month of growth for Theta Fleet. A number of sims joined us last month. Some came from other fleets, some started new. one is a relaunch of an old sim. All bring more diversity and more opportunities to the fleet and its players.

It was also a month of great activity. All the award winners did very well. A number of sims that did not get awards also did well. The Red Dragon Inn had an impressive start.

With the increase in the number of sims, we have split the awards into Task Forces. So, there are now awards for TF23 and for Area 51. Congratulations all!

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Five Years and Growing!
2-Jan-2015     Fleet News

Hard to believe another year has passed. Although Theta Fleet started on 10 December, 2009, it officially launched on 1 January, 2010. Five years and we're still solid. Quite a milestone for the Little Fleet That Could.

January also marks 3 1/2 years since I took over as Commander of the Fleet. Our growth has been slow but steady. We've hovered between 17 and 23 sims for most of that time. However, for a number of reasons, last month our sims and players grew to an unprecedented number. Several sims transfer in from other fleets and a several start up new. It's wonderful to see so many new people who have chosen to make their home with us.

In sim time, most of the fleet is now in 2392. It's a new era of exploration and expansion. This also brings new challenges and new dangers. Join us as we continue to explore where no one has gone before as we seek out new adventures and new civilizations. 2015 promises to be awesome!

Happy New Year!

Admiral Kathryn Burke
Commander, Theta Fleet

A Wolff in the Fold
2-Jan-2015     Fleet News

Theta Fleet welcomes another sim to the fold: The USS Wolff, a lovely Luna-class starship. She will help us defend the Final Frontier.
You can find her in the Ship Listing!

Missouri Loves Company!
2-Jan-2015     Fleet News

One little sim slipped into Theta Fleet last month without fanfare.
So, we're going to give it one as we firmly believe it's better late than never.

Sound trumpets.

Welcome to Theta Fleet because as you know, Missouri loves company!

We need a Hera!
2-Jan-2015     Fleet News

Welcome our second sim with a Mythical name: the USS Hera!

Want to know more? Shh! It's a secret! You'll have to find her in Task Force 23!

Shards is Back!
31-Dec-2014     Fleet News

The Federation Council is in session and the stakes are high.
Shards of Palaris is a unique simulation dedicated to creatively simulating the inner-workings of Federation government.

Want to work for the President?

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Guess what?
30-Dec-2014     Fleet News

Everything is...

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Happy Kwanzaa and Boxing Day!
26-Dec-2014     Fleet News

We wish all our British friends a happy Boxing Day!

We also wish those who celebrate Kwanzaa a happy holiday.

Welcome to our Islandica
26-Dec-2014     Fleet News

Please join us in welcoming the Islandica to Theta Fleet. Want to explore unknown space? Check out the sim in Task Force 23!

Welcome to Jerusalem!
26-Dec-2014     Fleet News

Please join us in welcoming a new sim to Theta Fleet!
The Jerusalem is open for business and seeking crew. Find out more by going to the Ship Listing and looking under TF23!

Merry Christmas from Theta FLeet!
24-Dec-2014     Fleet News

Christmas is one of our favorite times of year! Whatever you celebrate at this season, we wish you joy and love and a wonderful holiday season.

We would also like to share two of our favorite YouTube videos for the Christmas Season. We hope you enjoy them.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel by The Piano Guys.
The Twelve Days of Christmas by Straight No Chaser.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!
17-Dec-2014     Fleet News

To all our Jewish friends around the world, we wish you a happy Hanukkah!

A sim of "heroic" proportions
12-Dec-2014     Fleet News

From Greek legend to Theta Fleet. Please join us in welcoming the USS Achilles. She will be transitioning to an Ascension-class as her "epic" journeys continue.

You can learn more about the sim in Area 51!

November 2014 Fleet Awards
9-Dec-2014     Fleet News

November was a crazy month. Most of us were busy with one thing or another. Even with everything going on, there were some really great things going on in many of the sims. We've also had several sims join the fleet family. We welcome them and hope they find a home here.

And as you can see, we've decorated for the holidays! A special thanks goes to Marty for the IFS Christmas banners. They really look great!

Click on the link below to see last months' award winners. Congratulations to everyone for their great work!

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A Victorious Arrival
9-Dec-2014     Fleet News

Please give the USS Victorious to Theta Fleet.
Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Victorious! (In Area 51!)

Not the End of the World
8-Dec-2014     Fleet News

Theta Fleet welcomes the USS Ragnarok and its crew to Area 51.
The sim is part Starfleet, part Marine Fighter Group. The sim encourages players to write subplots. Feeling creative? Check out Area 51!

Christmas comes to Theta Fleet
5-Dec-2014     Fleet News

As you can see by our decorations, Christmas has come to Theta Fleet.
Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Saturnalia or some other event, we wish you joy this holiday season.
It is truly the most wonderful time of the year!

Kamehameha needs subjects
4-Dec-2014     Fleet News

Captain Septamis Tau, of the Starship Kamehameha, invites you to check out his sim.
The Kamehameha has been charged, along with three other Nebula-class Phoenix-subtypes, with mapping the Delta quadrant.
They will be traveling back along Voyager's path.
Join us to see what has happened to the quadrant since Voyager's departure.

Second Star to the Right...
2-Dec-2014     Fleet News

Please join us in welcoming the USS Dawnstar, an Akira-class starship, to Theta Fleet.
The Dawnstar will be exploring where "no one has gone before."
You can find her in Task Force 23.

A New Engineering Base
28-Nov-2014     Fleet News

Please join me in welcoming Starbase 80 to Theta Fleet! SB80 is a Starfleet Corps of Engineers sim.
Do you like to tinker with tech? Then check out the sim in Area 51!

Alexandria Arrives!
19-Nov-2014     Fleet News

A first responder sim. When there's trouble, you call on them.
Check them out in Task Force 23-Phoenix.

Remembrance Day
10-Nov-2014     Fleet News

November 11th is the day much of the world celebrates Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, or Veteran's Day. It is a day set aside after The Great War to remember the sacrifice of men and women throughout the world to preserve our freedom.

Today, with the chaos in the world, it is even more important to thank those who defended and defend our liberties.

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10-Nov-2014     Fleet News

November 10th marks the 239th birthday of the US Marine Corps. As the USMC morphed into the Starfleet Marines in Trek history, this also marks the 616th anniversary of the Starfleet Marines. :)

So today, raise a flag -- or a glass -- to the Marines!

October 2014 Fleet Awards
8-Nov-2014     Fleet News

It was an amazing month. TWO of the top sims had a post count of over 100 (as recorded by Nova). All three of the top sims were scary busy. (Okay, bad pun, but it WAS October. lol)
The USS Winchester, one of our new sims, came out of the gate with a great show of activity that earned it an Honorable Mention for the month. Way to go!

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Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man?
5-Nov-2014     Fleet News

He is the terror that flaps in the night...
Well, actually, he is the CO of the Phantom, a different sort of sim that just arrived in Theta Fleet.

The Phantom is lost in the Delta Triangle and has a rag tag team of players. Check it out in Area 51.

Theta Fleet is the proud home of 271 characters serving on 32 ships.
Theta Fleet is a collection of roleplaying games (SIMS) that work together to write stories in the Star Trek universe
February 1, 2015



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