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"War must be, while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour all; but I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend." -- J.R.R. Tolkien

Three Cheers for Fathers!
17-Jun-2017     Fleet News

Sunday, June 18, is Father's Day in the US. It is a day to celebrate the fathers in our lives, and to honor the role that fathers play. We all know men who have done their part to make the world and all of us a little better.

We at Theta Fleet want to say thank you to all the male players in the fleet, to the fathers, and to the wonderful male role models that have enriched our lives.

August Solar Eclipse
17-Jun-2017     Fleet News

The August solar eclipse will be the first to go coast to coast across the U.S. since 1918, offering viewing opportunities for millions of people. Most of North America will see a partial eclipse. If you want more information, read the article at National Geographic http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/06/total-solar-eclipse-august-how-watch-science/.

May 2017 Fleet Awards
13-Jun-2017     Fleet News

June is busting out all over. It's supposed to be summer, but on the western side of North America, it's snowing in the mountains. Go figure. lol That just means indoor activities like simming are in order!

We had some very active sims last month and a lot of great writing. If you're looking for a sim to join, check out our award winners. :)

As always, it goes to show how fortunate we are to have some great writers and sims in Theta Fleet!

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Einstein's Proof
8-Jun-2017     Fleet News

From National Geographic: "A Hubble Space Telescope picture shows what's known as an Einstein ring, when one galaxy bends and magnifies the light from a more distant one, as predicted by Einstein's general theory of relativity. Astronomers have now used Hubble to see light from one star being bent by another in an experiment the famed physicist himself thought would be impossible to perform."

Read the article here: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/06/hubble-telescope-einstein-impossible-genius-space-science/

Love and Support from Theta Fleet
3-Jun-2017     Fleet News

We send out love and support to all our friends and their families who have been affected by the recent attacks in Manchester and London. United we stand.

Happy Memorial Day, 2017
29-May-2017     Fleet News

Today is Memorial Day in the US. It is a day to remember loved ones who have passed on and to remember those who served in the military, living and dead.

Theta Fleet honors those who fought and died to defend freedom everywhere in the world. May your sacrifice never be forgotten.

Long Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...
25-May-2017     Fleet News

Hard to believe, but it's been 40 years since Star Wars, now Star Wars: A New Hope first premiered in theaters and changed the way we thought of science fiction movies.

The opening of the classic space opera is still an iconic moment in media history. Those of you who didn't see it in the theaters won't understand, but when the audience realized that the bass rumble was actually a SHIP passing overhead, heard the epic score, saw the opening credits...it was unforgettable. We knew that we were watching history unfold.

Star Wars, and its two sequels, changed the way we watched movies, and the way they were merchandised. Today, we look back and pay tribute to what Lucas and Star Wars did for fandom.

May the force be with you. And may you live long and prosper. (Yes, you can be both a Warzie and a Trekkie.)

Happy Towel Day
24-May-2017     Fleet News

May 25 is Towel Day, a day to remember Douglas Adams and the "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" books. So, for today, Theta Fleet askss, Do you have your towel?"

Today is also the Star Wars anniversary. It is a great day to be a sci-fi fan!

Happy Mother's Day, USA!
13-May-2017     Fleet News

Sunday, May 14, is Mother's Day in the USA. It is a day to honor not just mothers, but women who nurture and teach others. They may never realize the great contributions they make in the lives of those they touch.

We wish a wonderful day to all those who are mothers, may become mothers, have mothers, or were inspired by mothers.

April 2017 Fleet Awards
13-May-2017     Fleet News

Spring is busting out all over the northern hemisphere. Soon it will be summer and holidays. :) Awards were a bit slow this month because it was so hard to choose just one.

Fortunately, this is not Highlander and ties just show how truly talented the folk of the fleet are.

And so, without further ado, click on Read On to see this month's winners!

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8-May-2017     In Character News

GNN (Galactic News Network)

Stardate 45020.7

As part of a key plan to rebuild Federation Forces following heavy losses against the Borg three years ago the Federation Starship Yorktown has completed the first refit of her service life. Command was given to Commander Kieran Winters, a battle hardened veteran of the Federation-Tzenkethi War.

Commander Winters had this to say, "In order to maintain peace we must never forget the lessons of war and apply them to peace. The Frontier pushes us and its Yorktown's job to push back."

Starfleet Command agrees with Captain Winter's statement, a Public Affairs Officer commented, "It's Starfleet's job to push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding while at the same time providing a blanket of protection for those that cannot protect themselves. Yorktown covers that."

Starfleet has also refused to comment on speculation for Yorktown's first deployment under her new captain but stress that it would fit the role Yorktown was designed for.

USS Yorktown
4-May-2017     Fleet News

Welcome to a new sim, the USS Yorktown, simming in the TNG era. Care for a blast from the past? Check her out in Area 51!

Welcome Boreas!
4-May-2017     Fleet News

We are pleased to welcome the S.S. Boreas, a merchant ship that seeks to make a profit in the Federation--legally if possible.

Interested? Check her out in Area 51!

The USS Erebus Arrives
26-Apr-2017     Fleet News

We are pleased to announce a new sim is starting up in Theta Fleet!

The USS Erebus is an Akira-Class Starship that needs crew. The CO is just starting out and all positions (except the CO's) are open.

You'll find it in Task Force 23. Go have a look!

Interesting News from Space.com
26-Apr-2017     Fleet News

Just like Star Trek predicted, scientists have discovered that silicon-based alien life forms are possible.

To read the article, go here: http://www.space.com/36477-silicon-based-alien-life-possible.html?ref=yfp%E2%80%A8

March 2017 Fleet Awards
12-Apr-2017     Fleet News

This month was tough. There were some great nominations. But what made it harder is that we had to pick quarterly award winners from the monthly winners, and that took time. It's a great problem to have! :)

Congratulations to the winners, and to all the sims and players that make Theta Fleet a great community!

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Sci-Fi Avatars Award
6-Apr-2017     Fleet News

Theta Fleet has been given the Admiral Award from Sci-Fi Avatars.

Check out the avatars available for your characters at http://scifiavatars.com/.

Dateline: April 1
1-Apr-2017     Fleet News

In accordance with the new rules governing Star Trek fandom, Theta Fleet will only be in operation for fifteen minutes every week.

This will allow us to be episodic, as is all good Trek, while staying in compliance with the rules dictated by CBS and Paramount.

So, if we aren't here when you show up, we apologize. We'll be back next week. Same Bat time, same Bat channel.

February 2017 Theta Fleet Awards
13-Mar-2017     Fleet News

February was a slow month for most of the fleet. It's mid-winter in the Northern Hemisphere and quite a few sims were slow. But, like every month, not all sims were affected the same way. Several sims did very well indeed. In fact, the Hera and the Ranger had their best month ever. Way to go!

We have a lot of great sims in the fleet. Take a look at this month's award winners and maybe join a new sim!

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The Tokyo Marches to Theta Fleet
4-Mar-2017     Fleet News

The USS Tokyo is an STO-based first-responder sim that promises plenty of action. If you like adventure, check it out in Area 51!

January 2017 Fleet Awards
14-Feb-2017     Fleet News

January was an amazing month for many of our sims. Activity was high and there were a lot of really great posts. It made choosing the award recipients very difficult. This is a very good problem to have and just goes to show what a great group of players we have in Theta Fleet!

We wish to congratulate all our award recipients, and all those who were nominated. Great job, everyone!

In addition, we have a new monthly award. As the Unit of Distinction is based on post per player average, and the Writer, Player, and Post of the month are selected by the TFCOs and CTF, it was suggested that we add a TGCO Award of Merit. Each TGCO nominates on sim in his or her Task Group to receive an award each month.

Curious? Read On...

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Who Mourns Apollo?
8-Feb-2017     Fleet News

On Tuesday, Richard Hatch, Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica and Tom Zarek in the series reboot, passed away. Most recently, he was in the fan film "Return to Axinar."

He was kind, gracious, and encouraging to new talent. He will be missed.

"BSG" reboot star Edward James Olmos, who played Admiral William Adama, tweeted that Hatch “made our universe a better place We love you for it. Rest In Peace my friend @SoSayWeAll the Admiral!"

In the Footsteps of Giants
27-Jan-2017     Fleet News

Last month, John Glenn, first US astronaut to orbit the earth, passed away. Earlier this month, Gene Cernan, the last man to leave his footprints on the moon, passed away as well.

50 years ago today, during a preflight test for what was to be the first manned Apollo mission, a fire claimed the lives of three U.S. astronauts; Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee. After the disaster, the mission was officially designated Apollo 1.

They are bittersweet reminders of the sacrifice astronauts then and now make and the countless advances that have come from their endeavors.

Star Trek owes much of its existence and its popularity to the space race. In addition, many astronauts were inspired by the series and movies to choose to reach for the stars.

It's amazing to see how far we've come in such a short time. And how far we have yet to go. Theta Fleet honors all the men and women who make the dream of exploring the cosmos possible.

Welcome Centaurus!
24-Jan-2017     Fleet News

Theta Fleet is pleased to welcome the USS Centaurus! If you like a little intel with your simming, check it out in Task Force 23!

December 2016 Fleet Awards
14-Jan-2017     Fleet News

December was a busy month for many sims, while others slowed for the holidays. While this is normal for the season, overall it was a very good month for the Fleet.

Now is also a good time to remind people of how the awards work. :)

Each CO is asked to file a monthly report and nominate a writer, player, and post from his or her sim for the monthly awards. The Unit of Distinction Awards are selected from the sims that filed reports. The other awards are chosen from the nominations by the COs.

The Quarterly Fleet Awards are chosen primarily from the monthly awards, although if a player or sim does an outstanding job, they can be chosen by the Command Staff for a monthly or quarterly award. The annual awards are chosen from the uarterly award winners.

While the command staff goes over all the sims in the fleet for the annual awards, they are primarily chosen from the quarterly awards. We try to spread them out among the sims, but we look at how each sim, CO, and XO have done overall. This year, there were some that definitely stood out. While the annual awards favored two sims, we honestly feel that these recipients were the most deserving of the award. And, based on the new sims that recently joined the Fleet, next year is going to be more competitive. We can hardly wait to see what 2017 brings to Theta Fleet!

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Lucky Seven
4-Jan-2017     Fleet News

Theta Fleet is now seven years old. It seems like only last year the fleet was organized. lol We've grown so much from the three sims that left Obsidian Fleet in December of 2009. And now, we have 34 sims, with one on hiaitus for the winter.

What impresses me most about what Theta Fleet has become is that we're still just a group of simmers who love to write and love to tell good stories. We support each other and we have a lot of fun. It's a great place to sim and it's a great group of COs to work with. I've simmed in six fleets. I've been in the admiralty of two and a TGCO in another. This fleet is by far my favorite. Yes, I'm biased, but I'm not the only one who thinks this way, so I can say it with aplomb. :)

As I look back over the past seven years, I am so grateful to all the people who have helped me and the fleet. The list is long, and I am likely to miss someone, but there are quite a few who helped out in the first year and a half. Jordan as CinC and Marcus as webmaster were chief among them. Since I took over as Commander, I've had Phil at my right hand, and Joshua as my JAG. I've had some great TFCOs and TGCOs as well as those who have helped with other areas of Theta Fleet. To all of you, I say thank you.

The team I have now, which includes all the COs, is among the best. Join a sim and see why I love this place. From the players to the COs to the Admiralty, you have all helped make this fleet the warm, friendly community it has become. And with your help, I hope to have another seven great years! :)

Kathryn Burke
Commander, Theta Fleet
January, 2017

The Ranger Arrives in Theta Fleet
4-Jan-2017     Fleet News

The USS Ranger, an Intrepid-class Starship, just arrived in Task Force 23. The sim has been going for five years and is eager to bring its crew to a new home.

There's plenty of room for more crew, so check her out in Task Force 23!

USS Falchion
2-Jan-2017     Fleet News

Theta Fleet is pleased to announce that the USS Falchion has joined our ranks. If you want to sim in the uncertain world of the new Trek, check out this sim in Area 51! It promises to be quite an adventure!

Happy New Year!
2-Jan-2017     Fleet News

It's 2017 and we're excited about a new year and new simming opportunities! It's a perfect time to join a new sim, and we have plenty to offer!

Theta Fleet is the proud home of 300 characters serving on 37 ships.
Theta Fleet is a collection of roleplaying games (SIMS) that work together to write stories in the Star Trek universe
June 24, 2017



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