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The main page of Theta Fleet can't keep all the news, so we archive it here. This has all the news from January 2019 on. (There is far too much from 2010 to 2018 to copy over. Sorry.)

June 2024 Fleet Awards

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 5:49 AM

June 2024 Fleet Awards


Task Force 23

    Gold: USS Resolution & USS Fenrir

    Silver: USS Midway

    Bronze: Unicorn & USS Calypso

Area 51

    Gold: USS Astrea & No Way Home

    Silver: USS Concord & USS Tokyo

    Bronze: USS Wolff & USS Myogi & USS Ontario & USS Missouri


    Task Force 23: Midway: Ensign Parker Gallagher & Artemis: Vincent Zandrell

Midway: Since joining the sim, Jill has started character development posts consisting of one on one counseling sessions with most characters. This series of posts have allowed each character to take a step back and unpack the past few missions which have been interesting to read. Jill is a fantastic qualitative writer.

Artemis: For this month I would like to nominate one of my Criminal Investigation Officers Vincent Zandrell. The way this character is portrayed it reminds me of the old detective novels. You know the kind where the detective wears a trench coat. He is a fun character and I am excited to see what he brings to the "squad room"

    Area 51: Astrea: Phoenix/Chrys & Ontario: Jared

Astrea: One of this writer’s many talents is range. Chrys has been a fun character to get to know, and Phoenix has brought her to life with a variety of posts. We’ve been learning a lot about her rough past, and most recently we’ve seen a fun side of her with posts showing her interacting with the children on the sim, meeting the Chief Flight Control Officer’s daughter and building a treehouse in the Arboretum for the kids. 

Ontario: Jared plays our Chief of Security and is always ready to participate in a post, whether with his PC or one of his NPCs. I can always rely on him. He and his characters are much appreciated and always bring something unique to their posts.


    Task Force 23: Unicorn: Lt. Cmdr Gabriel Calhoun (Lee)

Since Joining, he has been one of our most active members, contributing to postings regularly, and played a big role in our “Jamming Stations” post. He also regularly engages with the community on our sim Discord and contributing ideas for future postings. 

    Area 51: Concord: Lt. JG Gulati – Ray & No Way Home: Johnathan2009

Concord - Ray is always there to support his fellow writers and the GM. He helps with mission planning, maintains the nova site and is always there for the CO's questions.

No Way Home: Johnathan2009, who writes Captain Tim Reynolds, for his willingness to contribute real-world knowledge and by doing so, enhance the realism we bring to the time period. And also, for helping me remember to look at production dates on vehicles.


    Task Force 23: Kumari & Fenrir

Kumari: "Word Salad" (

Fenrir: "A Problem Not Easy to Solve" (

    Area 51: SB109 & SB50

SB109: “Closed Case" (

SB50: "Beyond The Façade" (


    Task Force 23: USS Victory

    Area 51: No Way Home


Task Force 23

    23-A: USS Calypso

    23-B: USS Fenrir

    23-C: USS Resolution

Area 51

    51-A: USS Phoenix & USS Wolff

    51-B: USS Concord

    51-C: Starbase M-69

    51-D: USS Tokyo

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SIM of the QUARTER: USS Thunderbird

CO of the QUARTER: Captain Maxwell Anderson - USS Kumari

XO of the QUARTER: Commander Saul Whitford - Unicorn

WRITER of the QUARTER: Ensign Parker Gallagher - USS Midway

PLAYER of the QUARTER: Viessa Kenobi/Mariko Tao - USS Artemis


SIM of the QUARTER: No Way Home

CO of the QUARTER: Captain Ricardo Montoya - USS Phoenix

XO of the QUARTER: Lieutenant Commander Maxun Spello - USS Astrea

XO of the QUARTER: Commander Joseph Sledge, USS Concord

WRITER of the QUARTER: Michael/Razka Kas - USS Astrea

PLAYER of the QUARTER: Johnathan2009 - No Way Home