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The main page of Theta Fleet can't keep all the news, so we archive it here. This has all the news from January 2019 on. (There is far too much from 2010 to 2018 to copy over. Sorry.)

March 2024 Fleet Awards

Friday, March 8, 2024 5:01 AM

February 2024 Fleet Awards


Task Force 23

    Gold: USS Kumari

    Silver: USS Unicorn  & USS Cavalier & Starbase Frontier

    Bronze: USS Bellwether & USS Midway & USS Hecate

Area 51

    Gold: USS Astrea

    Silver: USS Tokyo

    Bronze: No Way Home & USS Myogi & USS Ontario 


    Task Force 23: USS Calypso & USS Hecate

Calypso: Stuart and Ieuan. The conversation between the counselor and the chief science officer gives a lot of insight into their characters—and is quite entertaining to read!

Hecate: Commander Salvatore – an excellent writer, who has come up with a noteworthy adversary in the Orion Commander Vella on the spot. An excellent addition to the team.

    Area 51: USS Ontario & USS Poseidon

Ontario:  Howie. As the curmudgeon Doctor Aaron Marcus, he managed to do something no one else has done before: cause Grace to lose her temper. For the first time, someone has broken through her layers of reserve. It was delightful and I hope he does it more often!

Poseidon: Commander Kanaka Shakura, for being one of the best writers on the sim hands down - if not the best. They are a Professor of Egyptology in England and teach classes at universities. They are also a long-term friend and writer and have helped contribute to the Poseidon as, for a few years, its most critical XO. Recently they stepped down due to their commitments for teaching and, despite this, continue to hammer out some of the most beautiful posts I have ever seen. 


    Task Force 23: USS Artemis: Cassandra Frost

The current mission has multiple facets to it. The player behind Cassandra Frost stepped up to make sure that one side of the mission continued to move forward and was action packed. I would like to recognize them, as they essentially stepped up as a Co-GM when they did not have to.

    Area 51: USS Astrea & USS Columbia & USS Oceanus

Astrea: Cass/Vila. Cass has been my right hand ever since I had the vision of this sim. Many of our players are with us because they have written with her on various other games. Cass really enjoys writing and juggling a number of posts, which is incredibly helpful in keeping everyone engaged and invested in the game. Our stats wouldn’t be close to what they are without her contribution, but it isn’t about chasing the numbers. It’s about writing with all the characters that everyone has created (primary and NPC's), and developing posts that not only plug them into the mission, but help build characters, and develop their backstories. Out of character, our discord group is pretty chatty not just about the game, and she’s quick to reach out to those who are struggling and offer up her support and/or funny memes. 

Columbia: Will - Will really helped the ship acclimate during a transition. He was integral in supporting the Columbia, our crew and me personally. This ranged from reaching out to players to help with the website. He went above and beyond to ensure the Columbia continued.

Oceanus: Lieutenant Commander David Forbes, for being a wonderful friend and totally committed to the XO role and providing extensive backup for me when I wasn't available. They are a good example of a good sidekick XO who takes up the slack when they can! They're presently dealing with their own issues and are just as busy as the rest of the crew currently.


    Task Force 23: USS Cavalier: "Bridge Training: Cardassian Conspiracy (Part V)" (

    Area 51: No Way Home & USS Ontario

No Way Home: "The Mother-in-Law Apartment" (

Ontario: "Back on the Bridge (Part I)" *


    Task Force 23: USS Eclipse

    Area 51: No Way Home


Task Force 23

    23-A: USS Hecate

    23-B: USS Bellwether

    23-C: USS Kumari

Area 51

    51-A: USS Phoenix & Poseidon Station

    51-B: USS Ontario

    51-C: USS Concord

    51-D: No Way Home & Starbase M-69