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The main page of Theta Fleet can't keep all the news, so we archive it here. This has all the news from January 2019 on. (There is far too much from 2010 to 2018 to copy over. Sorry.)

July 2023 Fleet Awards

Thursday, August 10, 2023 5:28 AM

2023 Fleet Awards


Task Force 23

    Gold: USS Hecate

    Silver: USS Midway

    Bronze: USS Cavalier

Area 51

    Gold: USS Tokyo & USS Columbia

    Silver: USS Samurai & USS Sun Tzu & USS Myogi & USS Missouri

    Bronze: No Way Home & USS Rhea & USS Wolff & Starbase 400 & USS Standing Bear


    Task Force 23: USS Midway: Lieutenant Darrod Hanous (Endy):

Although Endy joined the crew towards the end of the month, his detailed writing and impeccable engineering experience has filled a massive void as our Chief Engineer spot had been vacant for months. His enthusiasm and character development skills are evident and is pleasure to have new energy in the operations division.

    Area 51: USS Tokyo & USS Wolff

Tokyo: Thom - Thom plays Lt Jased Yuvek our grumpy yet skilled Cardassian Chief Flight Officer. He has developed a good story arc with Jased, taking temporary command of the Tokyo during a critical situation showing that the prejudice behind Cardassisbs is just that. Some great writing from him these past few weeks. 

Wolff: LTjg Rafe Hunnicutt (anne) and LTjg Ash Rowe (katy) I feel i can’t nominate one without the other in this instance as Anne and Katy’s ability to keep the sim going with posts while the slower going primary mission posts are being written is incredible and they are always willing and able to write posts with anyone on the ship.


    Task Force 23: USS Cavalier: Shafin:

He was put in the position of IC XO and has stepped up to the plate. He even called the acting captain to task when he was more concerned that his father thrust him into the role than doing his best to lead the other cadets. He is an excellent choice as a balance between the CO and the cadets.

    Area 51: USS Columbia & USS Samurai

Columbia: Lt. Cmdr. Chalan Kendri - For writing tirelessly to bring the crew together, advance the plot and establishing the setting of the Columbia. As Executive Officer, Lt. Cmdr. Chalan has directly recruited at least one writer. That writer became an extremely active cornerstone of the ship. The XO also worked on a cache of joint posts, many of which are still in progress, directly tailored towards mentoring the crew. This is taking place on an IC and OOC level. She has also helped me plan and execute all aspects of the sim, ranging from plot construction to crew interactions.

Samurai: Susan Nixon. Susan is always able to pull ideas and does an excellent job of making sure things always link to previous posts and make sense. Her writings are always thoughtful and show deep thought.


    Task Force 23: Hecate: The Hecate – Parts I-IV

USS Hecate :: EPISODE 1: SHAKEDOWN - The Hecate (

USS Hecate :: EPISODE 1: SHAKEDOWN - The Hecate - Part II (

USS Hecate :: EPISODE 1: SHAKEDOWN - The Hecate - Part III (

USS Hecate :: EPISODE 1: SHAKEDOWN - The Hecate - Part IV (

    Area 51: USS Rhea & USS Sun Tzu:

Rhea: "The Doctor Is In" (

Sun Tzu: "To Be Decided" (


Task Force 23

    23-A: USS Resolution

    23-B: USS Eclipse

    23-C: USS Hecate & USS Midway

Area 51

    51-A:  USS Defiant & USS Rhea

    51-B: Valhalla Fleet Yards

    51-C: USS Tokyo

    51-D: USS Columbia