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The main page of Theta Fleet can't keep all the news, so we archive it here. This has all the news from January 2019 on. (There is far too much from 2010 to 2018 to copy over. Sorry.)

September 2023 Fleet Awards

Thursday, October 12, 2023 2:52 AM

September 2023 Fleet Awards



Task Force 23

    Gold: Starbase Frontier & Deep Space 5 & USS Midway

    Silver: USS Hecate

    Bronze: USS Yamato & USS Calypso

Area 51

    Gold: USS Columbia

    Silver: USS Tokyo & USS Myogi

    Bronze: USS Samurai


    Task Force 23: Calypso: Arie & Hecate: Commander Khiane Mau (Stargeek)

Calypso: Arie plays the new XO, Joren Tal. He's already been actively involved in posts and is a great writer. He's also spurred the rest of the crew back to activity.

Hecate: Stargeek - A well-written post and contributions to Joint Posts show the quality Stargeek brings to their characters. A Joy to write with. 

    Area 51: Samurai: Brandon Perry. 

It is unusual to nominate a PNPC as writer of the month, but this one plays a major part in a large story line on WV Nomad. It's her torture, her relationship with Isabella Perry, and her story that gave huge interest to telling Nomad's beginnings.


    Task Force 23: Midway: Lt. Commander Marc Kitchner (Brian) & Frontier: Jai - 

Midway: Brian has been my consistent writing partner for fourteen years now . When I pitched the idea of the Midway, he immediately signed on to the project with full enthusiasm. He has contributed immensely to each plotline and we often bounce ideas off of each other. He is one of the key contributors for the Midway's continued success and has been unrecognized up to now.

Frontier: Since stepping into the first officer position, Jai has been a great help to me as a CO. He helps mentor people under him and ensures that things run in and out of character smoothly. He has also been writing true to what a proper Klingon should speak and behave like and its been a lot of fun writing with him. I happily nominate him for Player of the Month as he has become a great asset to Starbase Frontier. 

    Area 51: Columbia: Andy/Lieutenant Jason Elliot & Tokyo: Jamie

For sparking a new level of creativity and mission focus through the use of a side plot. As the first person to take control of an away mission, Andy set an example that others followed. The crew saw that all writers had the ability to create new pathways for the storyline. This allowed the command staff to step back and react as gamemasters, with the story spring-boarding into a lively set of twists and turns. Andy’s characters showed both mortality and emotional vulnerability through a mission where his Intelligence Officer was wounded. He has also brought a fresh perspective of ideas into OOC discussions, collaborating with others to develop this plot and plan future stories.

Tokyo: Jamie - Jamie who joined the Tokyo as Amari, a home made alien species and engineering officer. He has been doing a fantastic job in a non-chief role which is hard to pull off without stepping on people's toes. I proudly nominate him as player of the month as it takes skill to play not only a unique species but also someone who isn't on the senior staff. (I'm going to start referring to him as our very own Reg Barcley!) 


Task Force 23: DS5: "The Shot Heard Round the Quadrant (Part I)" (

Area 51: Ontario: "Into the Oven (Part I)" (


Task Force 23

    23-A: Deep Space 5

    23-B: USS Eclipse

    23-C: USS Hecate

Area 51

    51-A: USS Gladiator

    51-B: Valhalla Fleet Yards

    51-C: USS Tokyo

    51-D: USS Columbia

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Third Quarter Fleet Awards

Task Force 23:

    Sim of the Quarter; Starbase Frontier

    CO of the Quarter: Hecate - Robert Burke

    XO of the Quarter: 

    Writer of the Quarter: Midway: Brian

    Player of the Quarter: Frontier: Jay

Area 5    1

    Sim of the Quarter: USS Columbia

    CO of the Quarter: Tokyo: Taiga Aisaka

    XO of the Quarter: Valhalla Fleet Yards: Claire Erickson

    Writer of the Quarter: Samurai: Brandon

    Player of the Quarter: Columbia: Andy