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Ship Database

Hideki Class Cardassian Shuttle

Category: Shuttle

Expected Duration: 18 years
Time Between Resupply: 0 years
Time Between Refit: 0 years

Crew: 2
Passengers: 5

Cruising Velocity: Warp 4
Maximum Velocity: Warp 6
Emergency Velocity: Warp 8 (for 6 hours)

Length: 17.8 metres
Width: 12.1 metres
Height: 3.2 metres
Decks: 1

   Light Shields
Romulan & Klingon Weapons
   Small Disruptor Emitters: 3

This shuttle, in its design a scaled down version of the Hideki class patrol ship, is compartmentalised much differently, due to its vastly smaller size.

While smaller, it is in some respects almost the equal of the Danube class runabout, especially in terms of speed. For a craft this size, especially given the level of technology available to the Cardassians as compared to that of the Federation, this is indeed surprising.

Otherwise, the small craft functions in much the same fashion as any shuttlecraft. Some, however, have been equipped by Cardassian militia men in the de-militarised zone with the same type of heavy phaser bank carried by a Galor class. They were able to fire at a slow rate and their inadequate power and defence systems were overcome easily, but in the hands of desperate people they can become a serious threat then used in a surprise attack, especially against poorly defended targets such as cargo vessels.

While no match for small and manoeuvrable Marquis fighters, the Cardassian rebellion did manage to disable or destroy a handful of Jem'Hadar attack ships in this fashion, grouping seven or more of these modified shuttles together when no squadron of Hideki class vessels was available.

This type of shuttle is also found in civilian employ, and the increased weapon capacity is a rarity and as such not reflected by the specifications listed.

Found on:
Galor Class Cruiser
Keldon Class Battleship

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February 18, 2018



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