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Ship Database

Sabre Class Starfleet Starship

Category: Frigate


Expected Duration: 70 years
Time Between Resupply: 1 years
Time Between Refit: 4 years

Officers: 10
Enlisted Crew: 50
Marines: 0
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 200

Cruising Velocity: Warp 7.0
Maximum Velocity: Warp 9.0
Emergency Velocity: Warp 9.8 (for 12 hours)

Length: 190 metres
Width: 193 metres
Height: 48.60 metres
Decks: 10

Auxiliary Craft
Shuttlebays: 1
   Type 5 Shuttle: 2
   Type 18 Pod: 4

Beam Weapons
   Type 9 Phaser Array: 3
   Ablative Hull Armour
   Auto-Modulating Shields
   Deflector Shields
   Klingon Cloaking Device
   Structural Integrity Field
Torpedo Launchers
   Pulse Fire Torpedo Launcher: 2
      Photon Torpedoes: 60

The Sabre class is a small vessel, carrying only 60 crew. Many departments known aboard larger vessels don't exist here, or the role is filled by a single crew member.

The Sabre class starship is a design from the 2330s, first fielded in 2342. She was designed as a long range scout, a sleek and fast design equipped with good sensors and, for her time and size, decent weapons. Crew accommodation standards were not that good, however, which meant that many officers didn't wish to serve aboard the Sabre class ships.

The Sabre proved to be successful in her role, however after only fifteen years advances in propulsion systems were made which meant that the Sabre fell behind in speed, rendering her considerably less useful in scouting duties. As these advancements required a different hull geometry from the Sabre class the vessel's propulsion system could not be upgraded.

Therefore the ship was redesignated as a frigate in the early 2360s and reveived a refit, the eight type VIII phaser banks were removed in favour of two type IX arrays and four type IX banks, effectively increasing her firepower by 20%. She was then used primarily as a garrison ship for outposts and starbases as well as for convoy escort duties.

As such she is the ancestor of the Defiant, another compact starship design that draws much of her lessons from experience with the Sabre class. Both ships often serve in the same role today, except for in fleet engagements where the Sabre is more effective when deployed as anti-fighter cover for larger vessels.

The Sabre class underwent another major refit in 2379, where many internal systems were modernised. This reduced the crew required to run the ship from 78 to 40. The space freed was used to improve accommodation standards so the Sabre can be used for extended border patrols, a task where her sensors can be put to good use.

The Sabre class today is a ship that's there to stay, due to its size it was quick and easy to produce and several hundred vessels still remain in service, even after heavy losses in both the Cardassian and the Dominion wars.

Unlike most Starfleet ships the Sabre is, much like the Defiant, not equipped for scientific or diplomatic assignments.

Deck Listing:

Deck Description
1 Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Conference Room, Stellar Cartography, Main Engineering (upper), CEO's Office, Aft Torpedo Launcher 
2 Officer's Quarters, VIP Quarters, XO's Office, Main Engineering (Lower), Warp Core, Fore and Aft Torpedo/Probe Magazines, Computer Core and Control Room, Captain's Mess 
3 Crew Quarters, Diplomatic Facilities, Transporter Rooms 1 & 2, Mess Hall, Forward Torpedo Launcher, Computer Core 
4 Sickbay, CMO's Office, CNS' Office, Science Labs 1 - 8, CSO's Office, Hydroponics bay, Shuttlebay 1, FCO's Office 
5 Lounge, Holosuites, Gymnasium, CTO's office, Security Dept/Brig, Ship's Armory, Phaser Range, Shuttle Bay 2, Shuttle Maintenance, Docking Ports 
6 Cargo Bay 1, Cargo Transporter 1, Aux. Weapon Controls 
7 Deuterium Storage, Anti-Matter Storage Pods, Life Support Systems 
8 Navigation Deflector Control room, LRS Control room, Navigational Deflector 
9 Navigational Deflector, LRS 
10 Waste Processing/Recycling Center (Life Support optional on this deck) 

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January 16, 2018



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