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"The future is in the hands of those who explore..." -- Jacques Yves Cousteau

Ship Database

Miranda Class Starfleet Starship

Category: Escort


Expected Duration: 80 years
Time Between Resupply: 1 years
Time Between Refit: 5 years

Officers: 91
Enlisted Crew: 269
Marines: 0
Passengers: 75
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 600

Cruising Velocity: Warp 6
Maximum Velocity: Warp 8
Emergency Velocity: Warp 9 (for 12 hours)

Length: 237 metres
Width: 141 metres
Height: 58 metres
Decks: 11

Auxiliary Craft
Shuttlebays: 2
   Type 6 Shuttle: 2
   Type 8 Shuttle: 1
   Type 9 Shuttle: 2
   Type 10 Pod: 2
   Broadsword Assault Fighter: 4
   Razor Fighter: 4

Beam Weapons
   Pulse Phaser Cannon: 2
   Type 7 Phaser Bank: 8
   Deflector Shields
Torpedo Launchers
   Pulse Fire Torpedo Launcher: 4
      Photon Torpedoes: 100
      Quantum Torpedoes: 20

The Miranda class was conceived during the 23rd century, to serve as a destroyer counterpart to the successful Constitution class heavy cruisers. The prototype was commissioned in 2270, incorporating much of the new technology just recently tried and tested in the Constitution class refit. This meant that when the Miranda was fielded only minor kinks had to be ironed out.

Miranda class vessels saw extensive service for the next eighty years, and by 2350 Starfleet was considering retiring the vessel. The ships had been constantly refitted and were now equipped with no less than eighteen type VII phaser banks, the large number of weapons for a ship that size somewhat compensated for the relatively low output of the type VII banks.

Starfleet was, however, facing a gradual decline in numbers of serviceable vessels because recent emphasis had been on larger designs that require more resources and time to complete, which reduced the quantitative output of Starfleet shipyards. Thus, it was decided to re-fit the Miranda class with the latest pulse fire torpedo launchers, it still mounted the single fire tubes common during the 23rd century, effectively tripling the torpedo fire power of the class.

This extended the life of the class for another thirty years, and the upgrade came in the nick of time as the Miranda class was hard-pressed to hold the frontier against Cardassian aggression. Often paired up with Steamrunner or Sabre class vessels the Miranda performed adequately, though.

By the 2370s most Miranda class vessels had disappeared from front line duties, replaced by newer classes of destroyers such as the Norway. Many Mirandas were refitted for a support role, some of them acted in defence of larger vessels against fighter craft, a task to which the Miranda was ideally suited based on the large number of relatively low output phaser banks, very dangerous to enemy fighter craft.

Experiments in upgrading the Miranda class with a small number of type IX arrays failed, upgrading her type VII banks to type VIII was deemed less useful than using that equipment on newer vessels about to be constructed. This meant that by the 2380s, the class had been in service for a hundred and ten years, most Miranda class vessels were re-assigned to duties in the core of the Federation. Now used to escort convoys in low-risk areas, as police cruisers along busy trade routes and as couriers for personnel and equipment the Miranda is expected to be a common sight for another thirty years to come, however her days of glory are definitely over.

As the Miranda class is a popular ship and has played an important role in Federation history three ships, already retired, are now on display in fleet museums, along-side such legendary vessels as the Constitution class.

Deck Listing:

Deck Description
1 Bridge, captain's ready room, bridge mess, security lobby, docking port, navigation sensors 
2 Executive officer's office, second officer's office, briefing room, viewing lounge (upper) 
3 Senior officer's lounge, science department and labs, convertable staterooms, library, engineering maintenance shop, engineering brieing room, engineering lounge, impulse thrusters, arts center, H2O/N2/O2 storage,  
4 VIP quarters, junior officers quarters, galley, recreation deck (upper level), holodeck, flight operations control room, science labs (4), main engineering, engineering workshop, phaser banks, arborteum & labs, inventory control, parts storage, cargo holds (2), fighter hangars 
5 Officer's mess, senior officer's quarters, junior officer's quarters, recreation deck (lower level), gymnasium, swimming pool, jacuzzi, arboretum, aquarium, deflector shield generators, parts storage, shuttle fuel storage, main cargo holds (4), computer banks, batteries, energisers 
6 Crew mess, food synthesis, crew quarters, fabrication generators, shuttle hangars, hangar bay deck, main reactor, transporter field generators, annular confinement beam emitters, Beehive 
7 Security, brig (9 cells), armory, sickbay & medical offices, transporter rooms (4), auxiliary control room, auxiliary briefing room, damage control, shipfitting workshop, labs (12), cargo bays (4), navigational deflector, matter storage, reaction control thrusters, life support systems 
8 Main computer core, fabrication center, reclamation facility, laundry, docking ports/aairlocks, phaser control, phaser banks 
9 Intelligence offices, backup computer cores, viewing gallery (forward, port, st/bd), primary cooling array, phaser heatsinks 
10 Circuit breaker control room, main sensor arrays 
11 Main computer core, bottom level. 

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January 21, 2018



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