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Ship Database

Broadsword Class Starfighter

Category: Assault Fighter

Expected Duration: 15 years
Time Between Resupply: 0 years
Time Between Refit: 0 years

Crew: 2

Cruising Velocity: Warp 1
Maximum Velocity: Warp 2
Emergency Velocity: Warp 6 (for 0.3 hours)

Length: 12 metres
Width: 14 metres
Height: 4 metres
Decks: 0

Auxiliary Crafts
   Micro Torpedo Launcher: 2
      Micro Quantum Torpedo: 12
   Type U+ Micro Pulse Phaser Cannon: 4
   Ablative Hull Armour
   Light Shields

The Broadsword class fighter was designed for exclusive use by Marine forces to support ground operations. However, due to the versatility of the fighter/bomber it was decided to incorporate it into the Starfleet table of equipment as well.

The Broadsword has the capability to carry weapon pods. There are five different variations of pods available to the pilot, depending upon the role assigned, namely:

1: Heavy Fighter: No pod, this is a default setting for the fighter and gives the best performance from on-board systems.

2: Assault Fighter: Two additional Type U+ micro-pulse phaser emitters shoulder-mounted forward of impulse engines, slightly reduces manoeuvrability.

3: Light Bomber: Micro tri-cobalt launcher, under-slung forward of impulse engines, 8 warheads, has a negative effect on manoeuvrability; therefore the fighter should be escorted by faster craft.

4: Light Bomber 2: 6 full sized photon/quantum torpedoes under the wings. This has an adverse effect upon the fighter's manoeuvrability and should only be considered when placed in a bomber role (also see notes for 3).

The fighter has six hard points under the wings and fuselage. These can carry any standard Starfleet ordnance, but the fighter cannot carry any other pod at the same time as these hard points are used, these are used in weapon configuration 4.

Found on:
Excalibur Class Battleship
Excelsior Class Heavy Cruiser
Galaxy (II) Class Explorer
Akira Class Carrier
Celestial Class Docking Facility
Miranda Class Escort
Vikrant Class Carrier
Ascension (Explorer-subtype) Class Explorer
Charleston Class Cruiser

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February 18, 2018



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