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"It is not really necessary to look too far into the future. We see through enough already to be certain it will be magnificent." -- Orville Wright

Ship Database

Prometheus Class Starfleet Starship

Category: Cruiser


Expected Duration: 70 years
Time Between Resupply: 2 years
Time Between Refit: 5 years

Officers: 41
Enlisted Crew: 100
Marines: 40
Passengers: 50
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 300

Cruising Velocity: Warp 9.0
Maximum Velocity: Warp 9.8
Emergency Velocity: Warp 9.99 (for 48 hours)

Length: 415 metres
Width: 163 metres
Height: 64 metres
Decks: 15

Auxiliary Craft
Shuttlebays: 1
   Type 5 Shuttle: 2
   Type 9 Shuttle: 2
   Wyvern Hopper Transport: 1

Beam Weapons
   Type 12 Phaser Array: 13
   Ablative Hull Armour
   Auto-Modulating Shields
   Klingon Cloaking Device
   Metaphasic Shields
   Regenerative Shields
Torpedo Launchers
   Burst Fire Torpedo Launcher: 3
      Quantum Torpedoes: 200
      Photon Torpedoes: 360
   Pulse Fire Torpedo Launcher: 2
      Photon Torpedoes: 160
      Quantum Torpedoes: 80

The Prometheus class vessel was designed after the first major encounter with the Dominion. It was intended to be used as a long-range tactical scout and explorer but also to go behind enemy lines, destroy key installations and return safely due to superior speed unmatched by any known non-Borg vessel.

The term Prometheus class could be entered into a thesaurus as a synonym for tactical flexibility, is is capable of dealing with any tactical situation that three Defiant class vessels working together could deal with, and can also brave situations you would only send the heaviest of Starfleet's warships into. This is not only due to the separation but is owed in large part to the strong weaponry and thick skin of ablative armour, 15cm thick on average.

The Prometheus's internal layout is dedicated to a large store of supplies and spare parts, allowing the ship to go on long-range missions for up to five years, longer if supplies are found while under way. The maximum cruising velocity of warp 9.9, faster than most ship's maximum rated speed, allows the Prometheus to reach places inaccessible to conventional Starfleet vessels.

When making contact with alien species, in docked mode, the majority of the ship's offensive weaponry are hidden from view. It is meant not to scare (too much), but in case of a hostile encounter it can fight back, or at least survive initial hits to make a successful escape.

Test runs with the prototype have shown that the Prometheus is not vulnerable to a direct attack by enemy vessels, the biggest threat (and best way to take her out) is a covert infiltration aimed at either taking her over or destroying her from within, as impressively demonstrated by the Tal'Shiar, who perceived the vessel as a direct threat to the Romulan Star Empire.

While a capable long range explorer the Prometheus class does not have much in the way of scientific equipment aboard, and is indeed almost useless as a surveyor. It is also very costly, which has led Starfleet to only field a few vessels of this class for special, often clandestine assignments. By 2387, only sixteen vessels of the class had been completed, with another seven planned. This makes the Prometheus the class with the lowest production run in the history of Starfleet, with the exception of prototypes with sub-standard performance.

Deck Listing:

Deck Description
1 main bridge, observation/conference lounge, Skipper's ready room 
2 saucer section warp nacelle, Skipper's quarters, Executive Officer's quarters, Executive Officer's office, environmental controls, mess hall, engineering support labs, armoury 1, saucer engineering (level 1), deuterium storage, storage bay 
3 A - primary computer core (level 1), saucer warp core jettison hatch, deuterium fuel pumps and fill ports, deuterium injector, antimatter fuel pumps and fill ports, antimatter injector, antimatter storage pods, maintenance, life support, waste management, crew quarters, gym 1, saucer engineering (level 2), forward torpedo launcher, torpedo bay 1, transporter room 1
B - docking latches, forward torpedo launcher, torpedo bay 2 
4 A - junior officers' quarters, primary computer core (level 2), science labs, cargo bay 1
B - crew quarters, antimatter storage pods, secondary computer core (level 1), phaser batteries, antimatter injector/reactors 
5 A - senior officers' quarters, VIP quarters, primary computer core (level 3), holodeck 1, lounge, transporter rooms 2 & 3, cargo bay 2
B - battle bridge, stellar cartography, astrometrics lab, sensor control room, secondary computer core (level 2), SIF generators, IDF generators, armoury 3, docking latches, junior officers' quarters, main engineering, power distribution controls, engineering support labs 
6 A - crew quarters, primary computer core (level 4), tertiary deflector controls, tertiary deflector array, cargo bay 3
B - environmental support, impulse reactors, secondary computer core (level 3), crew quarters, waste management, emergency batteries 
7 A - main sickbay, medical lab, security office, brig, armoury 2, holodeck 2, transporter rooms 3 & 4
B - auxiliary sickbay, transporter room 5, holodeck 3, cargo bay 4, crew quarters, aft torpedo launcher, torpedo bay 3 
8 A - crew quarters
B - crew quarters, secondary deflector control, science labs, phaser batteries, deuterium fuel pumps and fill ports, deuterium fuel storage, deuterium injectors, upper shuttle bay, shuttle bay control room, shuttle bay support 1 
9 B - lounge, gym 2, docking latches, phaser maintenance, tertiary tractor emitter
C - crew lounge, maintenance labs, secondary tractor emitter, storage bay, secondary deflector array, lower shuttle bay, shuttle bay support 2, warp core jettison hatch, docking latches 
10 auxiliary bridge, forward torpedo launcher, torpedo bay 4, auxiliary sickbay, deuterium fuel storage, maintenance labs, deflector control, docking latches 
11 crew lounge, transporter room 6, holodeck 4, crew quarters, auxiliary sickbay, life support, environmental support, deuterium fuel pumps and fill ports, deuterium injector/reactors, main deflector array 
12 Marine barracks, Marine CO's office, Marine CO's quarters, armoury 4, tertiary computer core (level 1), tertiary engineering (level 1), aft torpedo launcher, torpedo bay 5 
13 emergency batteries, cargo bays 5 & 6, antimatter injector, tertiary computer core (level 2), tertiary engineering (level 2) 
14 antimatter storage pods, antimatter fuel pumps and fill ports, phaser batteries, tertiary computer core (level 3), storage bay 
15 warp core jettison hatch, main tractor emitter, waste management 

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January 16, 2018



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