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"Anyone who has spent any time in space will love it for the rest of their lives. I achieved my childhood dream of the sky." -- Valentina Tereshkova

January 2017 Fleet Awards
14-Feb-2017     Fleet News

January was an amazing month for many of our sims. Activity was high and there were a lot of really great posts. It made choosing the award recipients very difficult. This is a very good problem to have and just goes to show what a great group of players we have in Theta Fleet!

We wish to congratulate all our award recipients, and all those who were nominated. Great job, everyone!

In addition, we have a new monthly award. As the Unit of Distinction is based on post per player average, and the Writer, Player, and Post of the month are selected by the TFCOs and CTF, it was suggested that we add a TGCO Award of Merit. Each TGCO nominates on sim in his or her Task Group to receive an award each month.

Curious? Read On...

January 2017 Fleet Awards

Unit of Distinction:
Task Force 23:
Gold: USS Missouri
Silver: USS Pathfinder
Bronze (tie) USS Calypso & USS Hyperion
Area 51:
Gold: USS Falchion
Silver: USS Galileo
Bronze: Shards of Palaris

Writer of the Month:
Task Force 23 (tie): Missouri: Voz & Charlie. For coming up with a great read together where their characters got into an argument about temporal physics, which led to a great set of posts!
Calypso & Hyperion: Darrell, who plays many roles on the Calypso, but is nominated this month for his wonderful villain, Keelan. Keelan is the mastermind behind all the problems on Jenefra, and right now, he has a very good chance of coming out on top. Originally, he was supposed to lose to the rightful heir, Kali. But the way the mission is going, he will remain King and Kali will have to leave the planet. Sometimes, the bad guy does win. Especially when played by Darrell. And Lieutenant Commander Velah on Hyperion for the interesting commentary on the dinner fight and for keeping things light hearted.
Area 51:
Shards: Tina Lancaster - When thrust into impossiable situations, keeping a cool head is key. Tina has displayed this thought the recent crisis on earth as Deputy Secretary of Security for the UFP.

Player of the Month:
Task Force 23 (tie):
Katana: Captain Farenia Meowlith on behalf of the entire roster - Oversaw the successful evacuation of the Katana and transferal of crew to the USS Hera. This crew has been an amazing family and they all deserve recognition. I'm glad that most writers chose to move their characters over to the Hera to continue with me there as Captain Enalia Telvan.
Missouri: Eric, the player behind Athrun Atha. For helping keep the ship activity levels running and tying up loose ends with departed crew by writing them out, also by contributing and posting a lot with others.
Area 51:
Falchion: Gilik Farys, Chief Counselor - Not only does Gilik write superb posts, he's active and responsive. I, as the Commanding Officer, have trouble keeping up with him. Even so he doesn't let that discourage him and he continues to write wonderful posts. If that weren't enough, Gilik also comes to me whenever he has concerns and tries to understand any reasons I or other players have for our actions. He is an exceptional player and I am incredibly lucky to have him aboard.

Post of the Month:
Task Force 23 (tie):
Katana: “Critical Failure” http://katana.split-world.com/index.php ... ewpost/772
Hyperion: "Dinner on Romulus" Part IV: (http://hyperion.thetafleet.net/index.php/sim/viewpost/93) Part V: (http://hyperion.thetafleet.net/index.php/sim/viewpost/94)
Area 51:
RDI: Ride the lightning http://rdi.rpgs-r.us/index.php/sim/viewpost/34 and http://rdi.rpgs-r.us/index.php/sim/viewpost/32

TGCO Award of Merit
Task Force 23:
23-A: USS Calypso
23-B: USS Hyperion
23-C: USS Hera

Area 51:
51-A: Hogwarts
51-B: USS Arthur
51-C: USS Galileo

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February 18, 2018



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