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December 2016 Fleet Awards
14-Jan-2017     Fleet News

December was a busy month for many sims, while others slowed for the holidays. While this is normal for the season, overall it was a very good month for the Fleet.

Now is also a good time to remind people of how the awards work. :)

Each CO is asked to file a monthly report and nominate a writer, player, and post from his or her sim for the monthly awards. The Unit of Distinction Awards are selected from the sims that filed reports. The other awards are chosen from the nominations by the COs.

The Quarterly Fleet Awards are chosen primarily from the monthly awards, although if a player or sim does an outstanding job, they can be chosen by the Command Staff for a monthly or quarterly award. The annual awards are chosen from the uarterly award winners.

While the command staff goes over all the sims in the fleet for the annual awards, they are primarily chosen from the quarterly awards. We try to spread them out among the sims, but we look at how each sim, CO, and XO have done overall. This year, there were some that definitely stood out. While the annual awards favored two sims, we honestly feel that these recipients were the most deserving of the award. And, based on the new sims that recently joined the Fleet, next year is going to be more competitive. We can hardly wait to see what 2017 brings to Theta Fleet!

December 2016 Fleet Awards

Unit of Distinction
Task Force 23:
Gold: USS Pathfinder
Silver: USS Calypso
Bronze: USS Hyperion
Area 51:
Gold: USS Galileo
Silver: USS Endeavour
Bronze: USS Redemption

Writer of the Month
Task Force 23:
Calypso: Nick & Voz. Nick and Voz's characters developed several very interesting sub-plots in our current mission that brought intrigue, danger, and complexity to the mission. Tate, who was framed for murder by the Jenefrans, has now turned against her crew and blames them for abandoning her. Wolfe, Batiste, and Vance are plotting to break Tate out, not knowing that she no longer wants to leave. It is going to cause some very interesting problems and I look forward to seeing where they take their part of the mission.
Area 51 (tie):
Endeavour: Linda, Lieutenant Jera Ros: Linda did a great job in bringing out the technical side of engineering and ops in both of her posts while keeping the techno babble simple enough to understand it
Redemption: Mark as Major Cassandra Blackburn - As her character development takes on more breadth and flavor each post that is put out. The Command Staff of the Redemption believe that Mark has earned this by consistently putting out compelling, interesting posts that make the character of Cassandra come to life.

Player of the Month
Task Force 23:
Hyperion: Will, WO Kaiyo, for creating a detailed and interesting character species for his character and playing the character true to how it was envisioned.
Area 51
Endeavour: Francis, Commander Isabella dei'Silvisi: Fran has been very helpful in getting everyone involved in the mission as well as getting the sim moved over to TF23 this past month. As always, she's done an excellent job as sim XO.

Post of the Month
Task Force 23 (tie):
Calypso: "Unexpected Run-ins" (http://uss-calypso.net/index.php/sim/viewpost/2001)
Hyperion: Follow the explosions: http://uss-hyperion.utopia-host.com/ind ... iewpost/88
Area 51:
Redemption: Sudden Collision Part 3 (http://ussredemption.com/index.php/sim/viewpost/87)

2016 Quarterly Awards - Fourth Quarter

CO of the Quarter:
TF23: Horatio Drake, SB Vanguard. This quarter, the CO has led the Starbase to a lot of activity and some good character development.
Area 51: Alistar McKeon. Captain McKeon has kept his crew involved in a complex mission that will take them into a parallel future.

XO of the Quarter:
TF23: Zachary Hunt, Starbase Vanguard. Huns has helped keep the sim going and worked behind the scenes to keep the plot moving and the players active.
Area 51: Isabella dei Silvisi, USS Endeavour. dei Silvisi has worked with the crew and the CO to help with the transition to a new universe and to some great storytelling.

Sim of the Quarter:
TF 23: USS Pathfinder. The Pathfinder is one of the more active sims in the fleet. The crew is heavily involved in character development and seems to be enjoying themselves.
Area 51: USS Wolff. Even though the CO gets very busy with RL issues, when the sim is active, the crew does a great job and deserves to be noticed for their great storytelling.

Writer of the Quarter:

TF23: Fluffy, Alexandria, Hyperion, Missouri. Fluffy likes to cause trouble, and likes to involve the rest of the crew.This generally leads to some very interesting and well-written posts.
Area 51: Mark, Redemption. Cassandra Blackburn is a very complex and troubled character. The posts are always well-written and interesting.

Player of the Quarter:
TF23: James, SB Vanguard. James helped with the website and its maintenance. He also created a holiday theme for the sim.
Area 51: Francis, Endeavour. Francis has done a lot to facilitate the transition from Area 51 to Task Force 23. She works with other players to help them get involved and helps with plot development.

2016 Annual Theta Fleet Awards

Task Force 23
Sim of the Year: USS Calypso. The Calypso is consistently one of the more active sims and frequently gets awards for writing. CO of the Year: Samantha York. As the CO of the Calypso, she is instrumental in keeping the story moving and giving her crew things to write about.
XO of the Year: Hans Munich. Munich is an excellent First Officer to the Calypso. He not only supports the CO, he helps with everything from mission creation to troublemaking.
Writer of the Year: Tonya, USS Calypso. While we generally don't like to give one sim most of the awards, Tonya works hard to research the science her character spouts and helps come up with reasons for things to work the way they do. She is also an excellent writer and works well with the rest of the crew.
Player of the Year: Mike, Atlantis & Winchester. Mike works hard to create problems for the crew to solve. He is also instrumental in leading many of the posts and involving others.

Area 51:
Sim of the Year: USS Endeavour. The Endeavour consistently shows a high quality of posts and some great activity.
CO of the Year: Alistar McKeon. McKeon is a good leader who gives his crew plenty to do and some interesting missions to write.
XO of the Year: Isabella dei Silvisi. dei Silvis helps with story creation and with helping the crew get involved. She has been a great h help to her CO and is frequently being nominated for awards.
Writer of the Year: Mark, USS Redemption. As the conflicted and embittered Marine CO, Mark's writing is always interesting, well-crafted, and full of conflict. We always want to know more about Blackburn's character. He is a great addition to the Redemption.
Player of the Year: Phil, Shards of Palaris. Phil has a unique way of deciding what is going to happen on Shards. He creates a list of all possibilities, assigns them a percentage, and then rolls dice. This makes the plot unpredictable and keeps the players on their toes. He is always willing to work with others and to help in character development.

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February 18, 2018



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