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Join us! Come and spend an hour or two writing Star Trek stories!
Check out the Ship Listing for available slots and then go to the sim and apply!

News Stories

Select from the box below to choose news topics, then select a news article to read. Periodically we archive news and articles away to allow space for new ones. Don't forget to search the Archive if you can't find what you're looking for.

  Fleet News Submitted
Cassini Farewell September 16 2017
August Fleet Awards September 12 2017
A New Sim Takes Wing in Theta Fleet September 09 2017
Voyager Turns 40! September 09 2017
A Storm is coming to Theta Fleet September 09 2017
Eclipse Day, USA! August 21 2017
A Pantheon of Activity August 10 2017
July 2017 Fleet Awards August 10 2017
On the Heels of Axanar August 03 2017
Welcome to the Winchester! July 30 2017
June 2017 Fleet Awards July 15 2017
Independence Day, USA July 04 2017
Oh, Canada! July 01 2017
Summertime, and it's time to go simming! June 25 2017
Three Cheers for Fathers! June 17 2017
August Solar Eclipse June 17 2017
May 2017 Fleet Awards June 13 2017
Einstein's Proof June 08 2017
Love and Support from Theta Fleet June 03 2017
Happy Memorial Day, 2017 May 29 2017
Long Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away... May 25 2017
Happy Towel Day May 24 2017
Happy Mother's Day, USA! May 13 2017
April 2017 Fleet Awards May 13 2017
USS Yorktown May 04 2017
Welcome Boreas! May 04 2017
The USS Erebus Arrives April 26 2017
Interesting News from Space.com April 26 2017
March 2017 Fleet Awards April 12 2017
Sci-Fi Avatars Award April 06 2017
Dateline: April 1 April 01 2017


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  • September 22, 2017



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