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"Without courage all virtues lose their meaning." Sir Winston Churchill

Rules for COs

Rules for Running a Sim in Theta Fleet

1. Player Bios
COs are responsible for checking over the bios of their crew and ensuring that bios are in line with Theta Fleet rules. You should not accept an application that does not comply with Theta Fleet rules and the sim rules. (We strongly discourage superhero syndrome.) We also encourage you to check the bios on your sim from time to time as players tend to edit them. This is generally not a problem, but every now and then a player will forget the rules and make some...unique...modifications.

2. Applications.
COs can accept or reject applicants to their sim as they wish. Command will not interfere unless the CO shows a marked bias or if the bio is flagrantly out of line with fleet rules. JAG does not handle complaints if a CO removes a player for just cause.

3. No Super Ships.
What is a Super Ship? For example, no ships that can fly through planets, single-handedly out gun a Borg cube, have enough firepower for an entire fleet, or have the best of the best in EVERY department. The ship has to be plausible within Trek canon. This rule is not negotiable. (Yes, we've had ships that violate this rule. We've had ships that started out fine and then over time drastically changed their specs so they became both implausible and non-Trek--while claiming to be Trek canon.)

4. Alternate Universe Sims
Alternate Universe sims, including the 2009 and later movies, must still be plausible within the Star Trek Universe. Those that follow their own Trek or other timelines must also be plausible within their universe. They will be part of Area 51.

5. Ship Name and Class
A CO can pick his or her own ship type and name. However, both of these need to be approved by Theta Fleet first. This is to ensure that we don't have too many of any one type of ship and we don't have ship names that are Trek canon, have been used in the fleet, or can be considered offensive.

6. Task Group COs
TGCOs are there to help and mentor COs. If you have a question, you can ask them. They will routinely look over your ship, ship logs, and bios and make suggestions if necessary or requested.

7. No Big Brother
Theta Fleet is not going to tell you how to run your sim outside of the established rules. You pick the missions, you approve the characters, etc. If the sim strays too far from the rules, we will work with the CO to help find an amicable solution.
If a CO has a problem that cannot be handled by the TGCO, you can go to the TFCO, DCTF (Deputy Commander, Theta Fleet) or CTF (Commander, Theta Fleet) for a resolution. The CTF has final say, if necessary. You can also go straight tot he CTF who tends to be around a lot.

8. Recruitment
Theta Fleet will aid sims in development and promotion. In return, the sims will maintain a level of quality and plausibility that reflects Theta Fleet standards. (No, we are not going to become the Quality Police, but we expect you to mentor players who need extra help and kindly inform them of the rules when necessary.)

9. Promotions and Awards
Promotions and awards should be given out based on merit, not time served. That being said, EVERY player deserves recognition from time to time if they are active. Be mindful that people like to know they are appreciated. It's also good to tell your crew that you appreciate them.

10. Type of Sim Play
Theta Fleet does not mandate what TYPE of sim you run. You can do Play By Email, Forum Board, or Nova. However, each ship's website must contain:
a. Crew roster (personnel) with bios.
b. Open positions.
c. A couple of recent posts for people to read. (Nova can be set to list the last three posts, or you can go to the sim page under missions and look at mission posts there.)
d. Ship class and specs.
e. List of sim rules.
f. A link to Theta Fleet.

11. Rules for Players & Characters
Make sure the characters and NPCs on your sim are in line with the TF player rules. New species should fall under the guidelines set for Theta Fleet. (No super characters are allowed.) If you have a question, ask your TGCO, TFCO, or CTF.

12. Monthly Reports
All sims are expected to send in a monthly report. This process only takes a few minutes and allows Theta Fleet to track each sim's progress over time. The Monthly Report in the IFS is broken. Please submit your report through the THETA FLEET FORUMS. There is a Forum list for Monthly Reports and then CO Reports.

13. Theta Fleet Awards
The monthly Unit of Distinction Awards are based on Post Per Player Average (PPPA as long as the posts are generally well-written and deal with character development or mission progression. Posts should not be excessively short. (Solo posts should be at least 400 words. Joint posts should be at least 800 words. Splitting posts should be in 1000-1500 word segments -- or more. Do not split a post that is shorter than 1600 words.) (An occasional solo post of 300 words or a joint post of 600 words is okay.) Personal logs should also be at least 400 words. Only sims that file monthly reports are eligible for this award.
Player of the Month is for a player that goes above and beyond in a given month. This can be in character, out of character or both. It is chosen from nominations given in the monthly reports.
Writer of the Month is for the body of writing by one player in a given month to recognize quality, creativity or just plain entertainment value. It is chosen from nominations given in the monthly reports.
Post of the Month Award is for the best post on a sim in a given month. It is based on nominations given in the monthly report.
TGCO Award of Merit is an award given by the TGCO for the sim in his or her task group that he or she believes deserves the award that month. It is up to the discretion of the TGCO.
Admiral's Choice Awards are for recognition that doesn't fall under the above awards.

It is possible for no award to be given.

14. What Constitutes a Post?
A post is defined as a completed log. Individual tags to a post do not count, only the completed post itself. You get one post count for every person in the completed post. (Nova does this automatically). So, if you have a post with 5 players, the one post would count as five. On the other hand, if it is a solo post or a personal log, it only counts as one. If a ship has 50 posts for the month and 10 players, their monthly average would be 5 posts per player. Each player (user) counts as one, not eachNPC and PC. So, if a player has one PC and two NPCs in one post, that only counts as one.

15. Sim Content
As most people look at the ships in Theta Fleet as a representation of the fleet as a whole, do not put any content on your ship that could have a significant negative impact on potential simmers. Basically, anything that is mean-spirited, hateful, or offensive that will cast a bad light on the fleet as a whole is prohibited. No real-world politics, causes, or issues will be permitted. No banners, images or flags outside of your sim's world should be on your sim--unless it is for a banner exchange with another sim. We deal in science fiction and fantasy. Your sim should reflect the world of your sim, not the world we live in.
The sim is NOT a place to make political or personal statements about real life.

16. Monthly CO Meetings
COs are expected to attend a monthly CO meeting (generally the first Saturday of each month). The meeting is to ensure that all COs and Admiralty are aware of what's going on in the Fleet and have open lines of communication. If a CO cannot attend due to work or other obligations, they can let the CTF know. Minutes will be sent to the CO list and posted in the Fleet Database.

17. Lead By Example
COs are expected to follow the Rules for Players & Characters in Theta Fleet. You cannot expect your players to follow the rules if you aren't doing so yourself. (This goes for all TF rules.)
If you have any questions or problems, feel free to talk to your TGCO, TFCO, DCTF or CTF. All are willing to listen and do what they can to help. The CTF is online a lot and generally easy to reach.

18. CO Leave of Absence
If a CO needs to take a leave of absence (one week to one month), he or she must inform the XO, TGCO, and CTF.
The TGCO must make sure the TFCO, CTF and DCTF know what's going on. Likewise, if the CO only reports to the CTF, the CTF should inform the DCTF, TFCO and TGCO.
A CO can request an ELOA if the XO, TGCO, TFCO and CTF are aware of it (and it is a legitimate reason).
A CO must make every effort to contact the XO, TGCO, TFCO and Commanders to inform them of the LOA/ELOA, reason for the absence and its duration.
Quite often, this can be done by sending an email to the TGCO, TFCO, DCTF and CTF.
If a CO disappears for more than one month without advance warning, they may be removed from their command. There must be a valid reason for said disappearance without an email or PM.
Also if a CO goes on LOA or ELOA, returns but does not return to full activity (as in the CO posts once or twice and leaves again), it does not count as a new LOA/ELOA.
If a CO is to be away from their sim for more than three months with notification, there is a very good chance they will be removed from command as such an extended absence is detrimental to the sim as a whole.
If a CO disappears without notification, he or she can be removed in as little as one month, and most likely in two months.

19. Privacy Policy
Theta Fleet values the privacy of its members. To this end, we do not condone webmasters and system administrators (including COs) using their access to read private messages sent on their sim/s or private emails sent from their site without just cause. (This does NOT include saved mission posts or forum posts.)
Just cause includes suspected illegal activities or harassment (as long as they have a valid reason for such suspicion).
The first time a SysAdmin is caught invading the privacy of someone on a sim they will be given a warning. The second time, disciplinary action will be taken. The third time, they will be kicked out of the fleet.
However, if a SysAdmin himself violates the privacy of a member of the fleet for malicious or vindictive reasons, they may be removed immediately.
Any web host caught invading the privacy of members of Theta Fleet will no longer host any TF sites unless they, too, can show just cause.
If a CO has a forum or chat on the sim, he or she can monitor that forum or chat for rules violations as long as the rules are posted for players to read.

20. Number of Sims a CO Can Run.
A CO who is active on his or her sim and has an active crew may, at the discretion of the Command Staff, start up a second sim in Theta Fleet. The first sim must be at least two months old, preferably six, and not suffer from the addition of another sim.
If a CO has two active sims in Theta Fleet and a third either independent or in another fleet and has shown that he or she can run all three; and if there comes a time that said CO must leave the other fleet, an exception can be granted by Fleet Command to allow said CO to bring the third sim into Theta Fleet.

21. Sim Activity.
The CTF keeps a database of sim activity (posts per month). If a sim has no activity for three consecutive months, that sim will be shut down or the CO removed. There can be exceptions to this, but they will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

22. CO activity.
A CO is required to be active on his or her sim. They should log in to their sim at least once a week (preferably two or more times a week) and respond to emails and PMs. Checking email alone is not enough. Sometimes Nova emails are not sent out or are not received. For that reason, you should physically log in to your site at least once a week.
A sim is only as good (and as active) as its Commanding Officer. If a CO is consistently absent, he or she may be removed from command.

23. Be Respectful.
We all have different opinions on how a sim should be run and we occasionally disagree with each other on various subjects.
However, as a CO in Theta Fleet, you are expected to be polite and respectful of your players, the other COs and the command staff in public. Do not post your grievances about the Fleet or its COs on a message board, public forum or public mailing list.
The TF CO list and CO meeting is not considered “public.”
If you have a problem, you can bring it to the CTF, DCTF or JAG and we will do our best to help.

24. Starting Up
When starting a new sim, it is a good idea to write 1 (one) establishing post. This can be the CO coming aboard or getting his/her orders. This lets potential players see that there is activity and it gives them a good idea who the CO is.
When a second player joins the sim, let him/her do a coming aboard post and meet the CO. When a third joins, that character can also come aboard and meet the CO and the other player. With three you can start setting up departments, etc.
You do not have to do the above, but it is an option to get your crew motivated and excited to write. Players like to join active sims. If you have three players and no activity, you may lose opportunities for more crew.

25. Operational Status
When a sim gets four players/users (including the CO), it is considered "active." Start coming aboard posts, meeting the CO posts, and settling in posts. Get to know the other characters. When a sim has six players/users, it is considered "operational." This means there are enough "staff" to run a skeleton crew. (Remember rule #13 under Rules for Players & Characters: one player per player character.)

January 21, 2018



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