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"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." -- Mark Twain

Rules on Sim Ratings in Theta Fleet

Theta Fleet sim ratings follow the RPG Rating Website (http://rpgrating.com).

On this scale, the ratings would be:
PG-13: 101
PG-15: 112 (or 1.5/1/2)
PG-16: 212
18+: 222

The ratings are for Language, Sex, and Violence (LSV).
0: None at all.
1: A little bit here and there is allowed.
2: Generally permitted, but nothing extreme.
3: No (or few) limitations.

A rating of 3 is not allowed in Theta Fleet.

Theta Fleet recognizes that life on a sim (starship, starbase or planet) involves all aspects of a character's life. We expect relationships to develop. However, this should not be the focus of the sim. If a CO wishes to write mostly sexual content and relationships, we recommend they look for another fleet.

0: No profanity.
1: Occasional mild profanity. Hell, damn, shit, etc. are fine. The more explicit words are not allowed.
2: A little more flexibility with expletives. Characters can swear more often. An occasional harsher word is permitted, at the CO's discretion, but there are still limits.
The use of obscene vulgarity is not permitted. No fu**, cu**, etc.

0: None at all. Mild kissing only.
1: Making out, then fade to black.
2: Foreplay, but no descriptions of the sexual act. Cut scene or fade to black. Implied imagery, but no details.
Explicit sex, pornography, or too much detail is not permitted.

0: Classic Trek-style violence.
1: Modern Trek violence.
2: Can have more realism and use more description, but no graphic description of what happened, how the rotting body parts look, what is oozing out of where, etc. Basically, you can chop off an arm, have it bleed profusely, but don't go into graphic detail.

January 21, 2018



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