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Happy Turkey Day!
23-Nov-2017     Fleet News

November 23 is Thanksgiving in the US. The holiday is to remember the first harvest where the pilgrims and the Native Americans celebrated their friendship and their promise to help and support each other and to give thanks that they'd survived the year.

Nowadays, it's a day for family and friends to get together, watch sports, and try not to eat themselves into a food-induced coma. We hope all our US friends have a wonderful holiday and travel safely.

October 2017 Fleet Awards
13-Nov-2017     Fleet News

Today, 11-13-17, is a prime day to announce the October Fleet Awards. (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.)

We've had some great writing this month. Good job, everyone!

Since many in the Fleet are participating in NaNoWriMo, we'll just jump to the awards. :)

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Never Forget
11-Nov-2017     Fleet News

The Marine Corps was born on November 10, 1775, in Tun Tavern. While they are a branch of the US Military, they are the foundation for Theta Fleet's Starfleet Marines. We wish all our Marines a very happy birthday. Ooh Rah!

November 11th is Veteran's Day in the US, and Remembrance Day around the world. Let us never forget the sacrifices the men and women of the world's militaries make and have made to defend our freedom and our lives. This holiday, don't forget to thank a vet. There are quite a few of them who sim in this fleet, and we want to say thank you to each and every one of them.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!
5-Nov-2017     Fleet News

To all our British friends, we wish you a happy Guy Fawkes Day! May your bonfires burn bright!

Happy Halloween!
31-Oct-2017     Fleet News

Theta Fleet wishes all our ghoulies and ghosties a very Happy Halloween!

Space Matters
26-Oct-2017     Fleet News

Half of the matter in space has been missing. Until now.

Earlier this month, two groups of scientists identified strings of baryon connecting galaxies to each other. These strings were previously too faint to be seen.

Want to read more? Go here: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2149742-half-the-universes-missing-matter-has-just-been-finally-found/amp/?ref=yfp

Docking Clamps Released, Erebus You Have a Go!
26-Oct-2017     We have an opening for a...

FNS (Federation News Service)
Stardate: 71822.5

The Erebus has received confirmation to depart Starbase 281. Final checks have been pushed through and departure is imminent, whether or not the recently graduated Commanding Officer and his senior crew are ready or not.

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Friday the 13th!
13-Oct-2017     Fleet News

Today is Friday the 13th, and itss October! What a perfect day to see a scary movie, go to a haunted house, or just buy a pizza!

Whatever you fancy, we hope your day is awesome!

You should also buy a scary book! We're sure at least one of them has been banned!

September 2017 Fleet Awards
11-Oct-2017     Fleet News

It has been quite a month as the fleet slipped into fall in the northern hemisphere and spring in the southern. It was full of growth and activity for both the fleet and its members.

It was a month to celebrate banned books, astronomy, stellar milestones, school, and watching people come together to help in times of need. All-in-all, it was pretty spectacular.

The sims and players in the fleet were also pretty spectacular. See below for the winners of the monthly and quarterly fleet awards. And congratulations to everyone who helps make Theta Fleet a great place to sim!

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Happy Columbus Day/Thanskgiving!
10-Oct-2017     Fleet News

Monday, October 9th, was Columbus Day in the US and Thanksgiving in Canada.

We hope all our North American friends had a great holiday!

Final boarding call for the S.S. Amoran
9-Oct-2017     We have an opening for a...

Are you looking to make piles of latinum across multiple quadrants? Travel to Breen space and see if their homeworld realy is frozen or not? Perhaps pickup a freelance job or two, running covert missions for the Federation, then turn around and do the same for the Cardassians? If so then the Amoran is for you!

We need position filled all across the board!

Check us out here: www.trekiehub.com!

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Deep Space Five
5-Oct-2017     Fleet News

Orbiting the strange alien world of Pangaea, this frontier city in space is home to more than a hundred thousand beings and hosts the Dyson Repair Yards, state of the art Diplomatic facilities, and The Square Mile – a hundred promenade decks dedicated to Independent enterprises; artisans; advisors, professionals, and entrepreneurs making their way where Civilisation meets the Wild Unknown.

Theta Fleet welcomes Deep Space Five to Task Force 23. Interested? Check her out in the Ship Listing!

S. S. Amoran
5-Oct-2017     Fleet News

Join us in welcoming the S. S. Amoran to Theta Fleet's Area 51!

The Federation is now a shadow of it’s former self, having expanded too much to maintain those within it’s own borders, ships and resources spread too thin. The Klingon Empire finds itself still rebuilding nineteen years later- a targ that looks ruthless but in the end has no teeth to bite with. The Romulan Empire is collapsing in upon itself as worlds dare to secede and become their own safe havens. The Cardassian Empire still lays much in ruins decades later, a people that don’t understand the true ideas of democracy…

With these powers still returning to their previous states of glory, opportunities abound for several ships that have no specific allegiance. A Saber class starship, found floating derelict in the Hellaspont Nebula as a remnant of the Dominion war, was recovered by Sipov. A half Human\half Vulcan, he's spent his life finding his place in the galaxy. Upon restoring functionality to the craft and commissioning her the S.S. Amoran, Sipov has set out as a mercenary looking to make a fortune on untold adventures along with any crew that will join him.

Houston, we had a problem
2-Oct-2017     Fleet News

We recently discovered that the Contact Us button was not working properly. We have no idea how many emails were sent through that link that got lost. We apologize for not responding.

The link has been fixed and the form works again.

Welcome to the Asgard!
25-Sep-2017     Fleet News

The USS Asgard was a Norway class, Captain Wulfe took command on 19 March 2389. Setting off to explore the Phendana Drifts, a dangerous mission due to the volatile composition of the nebula. We have fought Raiders, Pirates, Slavers, and Rogues in the process of our quest thus far. We have discovered a lost world and brought justice to two remote mining systems. Now it is the December in the year 2391 and The Asgard name has moved with the crew to an akira class Strike cruiser but it looks like more of the same!

Want to learn more? Check it out in Area 51~

Celebrate Banned Books Week 2017!
25-Sep-2017     Fleet News

It's that time of year again. School is back in session and the US is celebrating Banned Books Week!

September 24-30, 2017 is Banned Books Week in America. It's a time to look at what books are banned and why. Then read or buy a banned book!

The Library of Congress has an exhibit on "Books that Shaped America." Banned books that have had a profound effect on American life.

Want to read a great book? Check out this list! http://www.loc.gov/bookfest/books-that-shaped-america/

The list includes such classics as: "Catch-22," "Fahrenheit 451," "The Invisible Man," "Stranger In a Strange Land," and "Where the Wild Things Are."

So what are you waiting for? Go out and read a banned book!

Cassini Farewell
16-Sep-2017     Fleet News

On Friday, September 15, Cassini finished its thirteen-year exploration of Saturn and its moons by diving into the planet. With fuel about to run out, scientists felt it safer for the probe to be destroyed by Saturn's gravity than to risk it crashing onto one of the moons and contaminating it.

It's been an amazing journey, with daily images and data from the probe. Two of the moons have water, which may lead to future missions to see if they also have some form of life. Take some time to look up some of the amazing images from Cassini and celebrate exploration!

August Fleet Awards
12-Sep-2017     Fleet News

Summer is now officially over for those of us north of the equator and school is back in session. August went out with a flurry of siming and a solar eclipse.

Me, I'm looking forward to fall and more reasons to stay indoors and write.

Congratulations to all the winners, and all the simmers, because as usual, it was hard to pick just one!

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A New Sim Takes Wing in Theta Fleet
9-Sep-2017     Fleet News

Theta Fleet is pleased to welcome the USS Hermes, an Akira-class starship, to Task Force 23. The commander is enthusiastic and has some great missions planned!

We look forward to what this sim will bring to the fleet!

Voyager Turns 40!
9-Sep-2017     Fleet News

It was forty years ago this month that Voyager 1 and 2 were launched by NASA.

Voyager 1 is the only craft to have entered interstellar space. It is expected that the fuel will run out in 2025. But until then, there is still hope that we will receive images and data.

NASA's official celebrations began on September 5, with highlights of the spacecraft's journeys. It's a great time to look back and man's achievements and what we're doing today to reach the stars.

A Storm is coming to Theta Fleet
9-Sep-2017     Fleet News

Fond of Stargate SG-1? Then you're in luck! A new Stargate sim has come to Theta Fleet that brings back the adventure of the series. It's now 2019 and Cheyenne Mountain is being reopened as Stargate Command. New staff is being recruited to once again go through the gate and explore strange new worlds and civilizations.

The sim joins Stargate Faleu in Area 51 to give you two very different types of Stargate adventures!

The USS Hera Needs Crew!
2-Sep-2017     We have an opening for a...

The USS Hera is recruiting for several positions, most importantly a Chief Science Officer and Chief Medical Officer. We will consider other positions, but we could really use those two positions filled. We have a unique and interesting crew and, as a special mission ship for Starfleet Intelligence, we go on unique and interesting missions. Please check us out, read our posts, and, if you like what you see, submit an application.


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Eclipse Day, USA!
21-Aug-2017     Fleet News

On August 21, the northern part of the United States experienced a total solar eclipse. For about two hours, a 70-mile-wide band from Oregon to South Carolina experienced this once-in-a-lifetime event.

For everyone who didn't get to see the event live, check it out online and appreciate this awesome solar spectacular!

A Pantheon of Activity
10-Aug-2017     Fleet News

Do you love both Star Trek and CSI? Then check out our latest sim, the USS Pantheon in Area 51!

July 2017 Fleet Awards
10-Aug-2017     Fleet News

July is traditionally a slow month for simming. But you couldn't tell by the activity on some of the sims this month. Task Force 23 especially had a lot of sims tying for awards because the numbers were so close.

Here in Theta Fleet we love ties. It means we get to give awards to more sims and that always makes us happy. Well done!

Click on Read On to see who won this month!

We also have some new sims to check out, too!

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On the Heels of Axanar
3-Aug-2017     Fleet News

Set in 2255 during a Cold War with the Klingons, Theta Fleet welcomes the USS Musashi to Area 51's Task Group-A: Gargoyle!

The Musashi works to bridge Enterprise and The Original series, coinciding with the awaited new series Discovery!

We're excited. Are you?

Welcome to the Winchester!
30-Jul-2017     Fleet News

Theta Fleet is pleased to welcome the USS Winchester, a steamrunner-class starship that will be simming in Task Force 23. So, if you're looking for a smaller ship with lots of opportunities to explore, check out the Winchester!

June 2017 Fleet Awards
15-Jul-2017     Fleet News

Computer issues delayed the awards by several days. For this we apologize. In addition, it was difficult to decide between a number of very good nominations. Thus the number of ties in Task Force 23. Good job, everyone!

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All Is Not Well In The Colonies
7-Jul-2017     In Character News

FNS (Federation News Service)
Stardate 71518.6

With a return to a period of relative peace, and Starfleet's mandate of peaceful exploration reinstated, the construction of the Akira Class vessel USS Erebus has been completed. A dual role vessel capable of upholding Federation ideals and packing enough firepower to push back when pushed.

With the loss of communication to the research colony on Sigma Tau, the site of a massive subspace anomaly, the launch of the Erebus could not have come sooner. "We are striving forward to an unknown situation," Commander Suin had to say. "However, much like her namesake, we are there to push back against the chaos of Deep Space and we are as prepared as we can be, all things considered."

Admiral Fenway of Starbase 281 had this to say: "The USS Erebus has been rebuilt from the ground up, taking advantage of the latest in scientific and research technology and formidable armaments. This dual role vessel will be Starfleet's greatest asset in the Sigma Tau system. I have complete faith Commander Suin and his crew will get to the bottom of this and I look forward to a quick resolution."

Starfleet Command has refused to comment on allegations that a recon mission should have been dispatched long before this, when the active communication link went silent. This reporter has only one thing to say. "All is not well in the Colonies."

Independence Day, USA
4-Jul-2017     Fleet News

On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress officially declared themselves free from British rule by signing the Declaration of Independence. While the war began in 1775, this day is now celebrated as "Independence Day" in the United States.

We wish all our US friends a happy 241st birthday.

Oh, Canada!
1-Jul-2017     Fleet News

On July 1, Canada celebrates 150 years of being a nation. While this isn't much by European standards, we in the New World think it's pretty awesome. :)

So today, we wish all our Canadian friends a very happy birthday!

Summertime, and it's time to go simming!
25-Jun-2017     Fleet News

"It's simming time, simming time, summertime simming time!"
And what better way to beat the heat than to join a cool text-based roleplaying simulation here in Theta Fleet! We have 37 sims to choose from.
Looking for a science-based sim? Then check out the Galileo or the Aurora. Want more action? There's the Jerusalem. Want some old-fashioned simming? Find the Erebus.

Task Force 23 is for the 'canon' sims, those that follow all the fleet rules. Area 51 is for everything else. We even have some non-Trek sims! Learn more in the Ship Listing!

Three Cheers for Fathers!
17-Jun-2017     Fleet News

Sunday, June 18, is Father's Day in the US. It is a day to celebrate the fathers in our lives, and to honor the role that fathers play. We all know men who have done their part to make the world and all of us a little better.

We at Theta Fleet want to say thank you to all the male players in the fleet, to the fathers, and to the wonderful male role models that have enriched our lives.

August Solar Eclipse
17-Jun-2017     Fleet News

The August solar eclipse will be the first to go coast to coast across the U.S. since 1918, offering viewing opportunities for millions of people. Most of North America will see a partial eclipse. If you want more information, read the article at National Geographic http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/06/total-solar-eclipse-august-how-watch-science/.

May 2017 Fleet Awards
13-Jun-2017     Fleet News

June is busting out all over. It's supposed to be summer, but on the western side of North America, it's snowing in the mountains. Go figure. lol That just means indoor activities like simming are in order!

We had some very active sims last month and a lot of great writing. If you're looking for a sim to join, check out our award winners. :)

As always, it goes to show how fortunate we are to have some great writers and sims in Theta Fleet!

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Einstein's Proof
8-Jun-2017     Fleet News

From National Geographic: "A Hubble Space Telescope picture shows what's known as an Einstein ring, when one galaxy bends and magnifies the light from a more distant one, as predicted by Einstein's general theory of relativity. Astronomers have now used Hubble to see light from one star being bent by another in an experiment the famed physicist himself thought would be impossible to perform."

Read the article here: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/06/hubble-telescope-einstein-impossible-genius-space-science/

Love and Support from Theta Fleet
3-Jun-2017     Fleet News

We send out love and support to all our friends and their families who have been affected by the recent attacks in Manchester and London. United we stand.

Happy Memorial Day, 2017
29-May-2017     Fleet News

Today is Memorial Day in the US. It is a day to remember loved ones who have passed on and to remember those who served in the military, living and dead.

Theta Fleet honors those who fought and died to defend freedom everywhere in the world. May your sacrifice never be forgotten.

Long Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...
25-May-2017     Fleet News

Hard to believe, but it's been 40 years since Star Wars, now Star Wars: A New Hope first premiered in theaters and changed the way we thought of science fiction movies.

The opening of the classic space opera is still an iconic moment in media history. Those of you who didn't see it in the theaters won't understand, but when the audience realized that the bass rumble was actually a SHIP passing overhead, heard the epic score, saw the opening credits...it was unforgettable. We knew that we were watching history unfold.

Star Wars, and its two sequels, changed the way we watched movies, and the way they were merchandised. Today, we look back and pay tribute to what Lucas and Star Wars did for fandom.

May the force be with you. And may you live long and prosper. (Yes, you can be both a Warzie and a Trekkie.)

Happy Towel Day
24-May-2017     Fleet News

May 25 is Towel Day, a day to remember Douglas Adams and the "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" books. So, for today, Theta Fleet askss, Do you have your towel?"

Today is also the Star Wars anniversary. It is a great day to be a sci-fi fan!

Earth Cares
15-May-2017     In Character News

Stardate 45022.11

The planet Rylos has submitted a request for humanitarian aide to the Federation Council. The Rylo people have suffered a disaster it is unknown at this time if it is natural or man-made. Rylos is a planet within Federation Space which is not aligned but it has enjoyed protectorate status within the last eight years.

The Last Federation starship to visit Rylos was the Miranda-Class starship Pilgrim, under the command of Captain Jason Hendricks. Captain Hendricks and his crew made first contact with the Rylos and later offered them a place within the Federation.

They declined stating they felt they were not yet ready. Among those that made first contact with the Rylo was then junior lieutenant Kieran Winters, the flight control officer of the Pilgrim.

Starfleet has decided to dispatch the USS Yorktown, a New Orleans Class vessel to Rylos to offer humanitarian aide to the wounded world. Kieran Winter, Ship’s Captain of the Yorktown had this to say, “The People of Rylo are peaceful. They are philosophers, teachers, and scientists. They have no military whatsoever. Eight years ago I told them we could trust them and to call us if they needed anything. They are facing a grave danger we don’t know what kind. I look forward to meeting with High Councilman Roka to rekindle the Federation’s interest in having them as a member of the community.”

The Tzenkethi Government has complained about Yorktown’s deployment so close to their borders and a government spokesman said, “We will monitor the starship’s behavior on our borders.”

Starfleet Command had no comment on the deployment of the Yorktown but did stress that Yorktown’s mission was a peaceful one.

Further Information as it develops.

Happy Mother's Day, USA!
13-May-2017     Fleet News

Sunday, May 14, is Mother's Day in the USA. It is a day to honor not just mothers, but women who nurture and teach others. They may never realize the great contributions they make in the lives of those they touch.

We wish a wonderful day to all those who are mothers, may become mothers, have mothers, or were inspired by mothers.

April 2017 Fleet Awards
13-May-2017     Fleet News

Spring is busting out all over the northern hemisphere. Soon it will be summer and holidays. :) Awards were a bit slow this month because it was so hard to choose just one.

Fortunately, this is not Highlander and ties just show how truly talented the folk of the fleet are.

And so, without further ado, click on Read On to see this month's winners!

Read On...   (411)

8-May-2017     In Character News

GNN (Galactic News Network)

Stardate 45020.7

As part of a key plan to rebuild Federation Forces following heavy losses against the Borg three years ago the Federation Starship Yorktown has completed the first refit of her service life. Command was given to Commander Kieran Winters, a battle hardened veteran of the Federation-Tzenkethi War.

Commander Winters had this to say, "In order to maintain peace we must never forget the lessons of war and apply them to peace. The Frontier pushes us and its Yorktown's job to push back."

Starfleet Command agrees with Captain Winter's statement, a Public Affairs Officer commented, "It's Starfleet's job to push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding while at the same time providing a blanket of protection for those that cannot protect themselves. Yorktown covers that."

Starfleet has also refused to comment on speculation for Yorktown's first deployment under her new captain but stress that it would fit the role Yorktown was designed for.

USS Yorktown
4-May-2017     Fleet News

Welcome to a new sim, the USS Yorktown, simming in the TNG era. Care for a blast from the past? Check her out in Area 51!

Welcome Boreas!
4-May-2017     Fleet News

We are pleased to welcome the S.S. Boreas, a merchant ship that seeks to make a profit in the Federation--legally if possible.

Interested? Check her out in Area 51!

The USS Erebus Arrives
26-Apr-2017     Fleet News

We are pleased to announce a new sim is starting up in Theta Fleet!

The USS Erebus is an Akira-Class Starship that needs crew. The CO is just starting out and all positions (except the CO's) are open.

You'll find it in Task Force 23. Go have a look!

Interesting News from Space.com
26-Apr-2017     Fleet News

Just like Star Trek predicted, scientists have discovered that silicon-based alien life forms are possible.

To read the article, go here: http://www.space.com/36477-silicon-based-alien-life-possible.html?ref=yfp%E2%80%A8

March 2017 Fleet Awards
12-Apr-2017     Fleet News

This month was tough. There were some great nominations. But what made it harder is that we had to pick quarterly award winners from the monthly winners, and that took time. It's a great problem to have! :)

Congratulations to the winners, and to all the sims and players that make Theta Fleet a great community!

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Sci-Fi Avatars Award
6-Apr-2017     Fleet News

Theta Fleet has been given the Admiral Award from Sci-Fi Avatars.

Check out the avatars available for your characters at http://scifiavatars.com/.

Dateline: April 1
1-Apr-2017     Fleet News

In accordance with the new rules governing Star Trek fandom, Theta Fleet will only be in operation for fifteen minutes every week.

This will allow us to be episodic, as is all good Trek, while staying in compliance with the rules dictated by CBS and Paramount.

So, if we aren't here when you show up, we apologize. We'll be back next week. Same Bat time, same Bat channel.

Theta Fleet is the proud home of 345 characters serving on 42 ships.
Theta Fleet is a collection of roleplaying games (SIMS) that work together to write stories in the Star Trek universe
November 24, 2017



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